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Girls - Do you think i should say sorry ?

This girl & i have been texting each other lately & things have been going well. We went out as shopping as friends last week and had a great time. She gives me a lot of Interest (Playful hitting,says she misses me & recalls everything about me). She even came to visit me at work with her sister ( i couldn't speak to her)- but lately she hasn't been replying to my messages. The couple of messages were about what she / i were doing later. I said i'm off to a party & she replied about me thinking of her. I replied "maybe, & how come she doesn't hang out with guys,is it cos she's shy or cos they're better then her lol .... I've sent her several messages but she only replied once saying she "forgot" & was "busy" - but i know she's lying. I think i offended her about "being shy with boys" because she told me earlier about her insecurities because of her religious background & going to a girl school.

Do i leave her alone forever or try and apologize ? She's obviously sensitive. Please help !

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    Save the planet.... i have to laugh every time i see that bumper sticker.... i mean what for life's simple kill or be killed... a survivors code... my code and it all sounds great until the day your faced with a choice a choice to make a difference or to walk away and save yourself... i learned something that day.... to bad it was the day i died....

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    Say " hey (her name) I was pretty tired the other day when you asked me that question! Of course I want us to be friend, you're awesome! Let's have a coffee when you can x Just like a friend :) I'm a girl and a guy said that to me and I liked it. Don't say you're sorry, because you make it sound like you did something wrong. Good luck and be happy with rest of so many other beautiful thing you have in your life.

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