Jane Eyre question that i really need help with please?

What does Jane learn from her friendship with Helen?

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    Near Helen Jane learns to control her passionate nature. Helen is the voice of common sense that shows to Jane that some systems will not tolerate her anger and rebellion and so she must learn to conform and use more civilized ways of answering back. And her most important lesson is the acceptance of things she can not change, the ability to tolerate what she thinks she can not bear.

    She shows her also that she is occasionally overreacting when she thinks the whole world hates her and also that she can not be loved by everyone and must live with that. Sometimes her conscience is the only reward she wil ever get. And then she should stop being vindictive and learn to forgive for her own good because life is short and it is to no avail.

    Finally, she tries to infuse some christian ideas, that there is one benevolent God that sees her struggles and she will be rewarded in afterlife. Jane wants to believe in it but she is too full of life to think of the afterlife yet. But she wonders what really happens to the dead. The lesson about turning the other cheek is the only one Jane will never fully learn.

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    the two are great, yet WH is by a strategies my prominent. Jane Eyre is particularly romantic, yet I form of felt like that grew to become into it. Wuthering Heights has lots extra pastime and drama. It has love in it yet isn't almost love. I form of loved the incontrovertible fact that not one of the characters are likeable, it made the e book extra interesting. did no longer charlotte bronte publically say that she did no longer like wuthering heights because of the fact it grew to become into so dark? i think of she reported that she did no longer think of that characters as evil as Heathcliff could be written. The credit for the e book could be attributed to the author, Emily, who's maximum gifted for my section. edit: I consider you approximately charlotte promoting the e book, I basically locate her perspectives on it interesting. i assume I felt that throughout the time of JE all the characters have been basically approximately too "reliable" and ethical to the element the place it grew to become into basically approximately boring. somebody suggested as quickly as that they loved JE because of the fact they have been an optimist, and robust would be considered in all the characters. i will admit that im a pessimist, and consistent with hazard i like WH because of the fact it demonstrates shows a worldwide the place all the characters are "undesirable". Its additionally interesting to think of that consistent with hazard charlotte and emily had distinctive perspectives on existence, useful or adverse, and for this reason that they had such distinctive works. basically a theory...

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