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Inter railing Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Venice. ADVICE PLEASE?

Inter railing Europe, need advice please!?

2 of my friends and I are inter railing europe this summer. (our inter-railing tickets allows us to travel on European trains for one month as much as we like). We are all male, around 21, students and Irish (we are cheap, messy and will be mostly boozing and sight seeing on a low budget). I am looking for your advice, opinions and pass experience to guide me on where to go/visit.

This is our rough plan. We are flying from cork to Amsterdam in early June and our inter-railing pass is valid for one month. Our rough idea so far is to go like this...

Amsterdam to Berlin to Prague to Auschwitz to Krakow to Bratislava to Budapest to Zagreb. We would like to spend a day or two lying on the beaches of Croatia and then get a ferry over to venice for a day or two and then fly home from there.

Cost is a big factor for us. We will be staying in hostels!

Have you ever done something similar or been to any of these places?

I am looking for cheap places to stay? sights to see? things to do? places to go? etc etc. Or do you think my plan is un-practical and should perhaps take a different route?

I have done a lot of research into this already.

Also, if you know of any festivals or rock concerts going on or things like that.

Or football matches too!

Also, if you know of any festivals or rock concerts going on or things like that.

Or football matches too!

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    Get night trains so you can sleep.Amsterdam.Venice have showers in the

    station open early.So you can get washed changed, leave bag in left luggage while looking for place to stay.If you only want a day and night

    there.Pick up back on the train and off.Been to both and Croatia but it was

    the old Yugoslavia then and very cheap.You can get the train from Venice to Trieste and then over the border out of Italy from there.Or go from Milan to Genoa,always something crazy going on down there.You can get

    ferries to Sardinia(red hot weather)(overnight)or Corsica.Dead cheap Go

    to Brindisi get ferry to Greece.You might want to focus your travel base

    in Italy.You can get to some many places from it and the trains

    are spot on.People getting their bread,salami etc out with the bottle of wine.Might meet you on the way.Enjoy.

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    Trains From Prague To Krakow

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    Prague is one of many cities worth-visit and to accomplish this you can start preparing your holiday with hotelbye . Starting with the wonderful place across the Prague Castle or the Strahov monastery with its amazing selection and finish with …the whole outstanding town, Prague is simply incredible. In Prague you can also visit the little house where Franz Kafka labored or the charming Prague Castle gardens from where you can enjoy a special view of the city with its picturesque red roofs. In this town you'll never get bored. In the event that you should go during the spring you will discover the spring trees in flower; in summer time you might find long dusks; fall provides you with vibrant leaves and unique mild and in the winter you will love the whole city included with simple bright snow.

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    Venice (Venezia) actually needs no introduction, see getting there with hotelbye . This city is a huge fabled destination for centuries. Only the name Venice will do to conjure up a bunch of photographs, also for people who have not even set foot in Italy. From gondoliers in striped jerseys to the Rialto and the Bridge of Sighs, criminal balls, wonderful barges, courtesans in gondolas and crumbling palaces facing roads manufactured from water Venice is a fantastic city. When the sole connection over the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge marks the spot of the island's first settlement, named Rivus Altus and is currently one of the lots of place that Venice needs to offer.

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    i have ever been to berlin prague and amsterdam, i think berlin is the best. it is not too expensive and cool!! i hv been there 3 times becoz i like it the night life, the building, the city, the culture, the food, the people, the history from berlin you can also go to park sanssouci, beautiful palaceS (lots of palaces in that park). although prague is the cheapest.. yap amsterdam i think is the most expensive. yap prague has good architecture as well, more or less. i think it is enough.. about 500-700€ in berlin for 4 days. you should have taken youth hostel that cost very cheap, about only 20€ per person per night

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