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How much cologne or perfume should be worn to work?

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    Perfume, cologne or aftershave should be applied sparingly, evoking a subtle scent. Strong fragrances, as well as, inexpensive or "cheap" fragrances are often offensive to business associates and therefore inappropriate in a professional venue.


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    I think none at all. Humans are very sensitive to smell, and what scent appeals to one, will no doubt disgust another.

    Not to mention those of us who get headaches, sniffles and watery eyes from perfumes. I cannot walk through department stores, due to the bombardment of different smells.

    Nothing smells better then a fresh, clean person. Plus, with all the fragrances that go into laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, deodorant and make up, why do we feel the need to spray on some more? I don't want to smell like a bouquet.

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  • None. Scent free workplace is best. I have allergies and it drives me nuts when someone has cheap perfume or cologne on. Some women wear so much and it is that cheap "White Diamonds" or 360 degree or something gross like that (available at Walgreens)

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    When my daughter was little, I had to enter department stores on a different level than the perfume department. She would wheeze if she came close to the ladies that sold the perfume.

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    very sparingly. just once spritz on the neck or wrists. Instead of wearing strong perfumes, lotions are nice too, theyre subtle and they smell good if also used sparingly.

    You can always just stay clean and use nice smelling shampoos and soaps?

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    Use a body wash, or if you do choose to put on the liquid fragrance, either put a little on your wrist or neck. If you can smell it after you're done getting ready, you've got too much on.

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    Only someone hugging you should be able to detect your perfume at work.

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    Two squirts maximum

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