Inter railing Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Venice. ADVICE PLEASE?

Inter railing Europe, need advice please!?

2 of my friends and I are inter railing europe this summer. (our inter-railing tickets allows us to travel on European trains for one month as much as we like). We are all male, around 21, students and Irish (we are cheap, messy and will be mostly boozing and sight seeing on a low budget). I am looking for your advice, opinions and pass experience to guide me on where to go/visit.

This is our rough plan. We are flying from cork to Amsterdam in early June and our inter-railing pass is valid for one month. Our rough idea so far is to go like this...

Amsterdam to Berlin to Prague to Auschwitz to Krakow to Bratislava to Budapest to Zagreb. We would like to spend a day or two lying on the beaches of Croatia and then get a ferry over to venice for a day or two and then fly home from there.

Cost is a big factor for us. We will be staying in hostels!

Have you ever done something similar or been to any of these places?

I am looking for cheap places to stay? sights to see? things to do? places to go? etc etc. Or do you think my plan is un-practical and should perhaps take a different route?


Also, if you know of any festivals or rock concets going on or things like that.

Or football matches too!

Update 2:

Also, if you know of any festivals or rock concerts going on or things like that.

Or football matches too!

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    Netherlands, Germany, and Italy about €100 per person per day, (less if you do not drink.) The former communist countries a little less, but I know that young males can easily drink the difference.

    Your schedule seems not bad to me, but if you want to check train times, this site will have all the info you need:

    If you want to add festivals you should not add more destinations, but if you do not, you might well add a few smaller towns, as they give a much better view of live in those countries and are often a lot of fun in themselves.

    And remember to buy your InterRail pass in Ireland, so you have the full travel in the Netherlands. (I think you also have to, as you need to buy it in your own country if it participates.)

    Source(s): I have traveled by InterRail a few times. I often travel by train in Europe.
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    Berlin offers an eclectic mixture of new and traditional architecture, vibrant activity, shopping, and a wide selection of sports and national institutions and if you intend to see it then this hotelbye is the spot to start. A number of the things you will see listed here are: the Old Museum, the National Gallery, the Bode Museum, Old National Gallery or, the image of Germany, the Berlin Wall. This wall began his life in 1961 when East Germany sealed down the western area of the city to stem the ton of refugees from east to west. By the full time it was split down in 1989, the 4 meter large wall and 155 kilometres extended, dissected 55 streets, and possessed 293 observation towers and 57 bunkers. Nowadays, only little extends of this graffiti-covered travesty stay, including a 1.4-kilometer stretch preserved within the Berlin Wall Memorial, a cooling note of the animosity that when separated Europe.

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    Budapest has too much to present, discover what with hotelbye . Museums and galleries, churches and synagogues, palaces and ancient buildings, baths and pools; all are presented together with the effect of Secession in the city. In Budapest you can have the beautiful feeling that something out of the regular is simply around the corner, but what it will soon be is your responsibility to find out. Among the places you must see in Budapest is towered within the Danube and could be the Castle Hill. Castel Hill contains many of Budapest's most important medieval monuments and museums. Also, certainly the most spectacular of those extraordinary structures is the 18th-century Buda Castle, a massive 200-roomed palace that, like much of the town, is spectacularly illuminated at night.

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    Venice is just a wonderful cliché, more passionate, more beautiful and more surprising than you can expect. Irrespective of just how many photos or films you may have observed, it is however a jaw-dropping knowledge seeing Venice's canals and palaces for initially and that you would do with the aid of this web site hotelbye . Truly Venice's best-known church and one of the most easily acknowledged on earth is St. Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco). That basilica was formerly the Doge's private chapel, decorated with Byzantine artwork pieces that are part of the booty cut back by Venetian vessels following the drop of Constantinople. The gold-backed mosaic photographs above the doorways on the façade just trace at the mosaic beauty inside, wherever 4,240 square meters of gold mosaics cover the walls. Therefore, the St. Mark`s Basilica is just a place worth visited.

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    Bratislava To Amsterdam

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    There is the Carnival der Kulturen in Berlin sometime in May:

    for rock concerts in Berlin:

    For cheap places to stay - best to go the self-catering/guest house route instead of hotels. We always prefer to stay in either b&b (pension) or self catering.

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