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Do you have feelings for someone far away? Tell me stories?

I used to have huge feelings for this one boy that lived 1,500 miles away. It sucked, but it ended. Did/do you have feelings for someone far away?

Tell me stories :)

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  • Tonks
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    I've done the whole long-distance relationship a few times, so here are my stories:

    My first boyfriend and I used to be at school together, but our relationship started after he'd moved away to go to university (about 100 miles away from where I lived). To be honest our relationship ended up seeming more like a friendship than a proper relationship as we only got to see each other during the holidays, and phone calls and emails really don't make up for face-to-face contact. When I started university I moved up to be at the same one he was at, and we lived in the same hall of residence. We broke up during the first term. Having been used to being apart and having quite a lot of freedom to do what I wanted, I found it very hard having him there 24/7 all of a sudden.

    My fiance and I are long distance at the moment as well - the university he goes to and the one I'm at are once again about 100 miles apart, and neither of us have much money so we only get to see each other for maybe a couple of weekends a term. This year I'm studying abroad, so I'm in a completely different country (about 500 miles apart). I saw him for a week in February when he came out to visit me, and before that I saw him for 12 days at Christmas. Other than that I last saw him in September, so so far we've only seen each other for less than 3 weeks in the last 8 months - I can't wait to go back home and be able to spend all summer with him, and in the mean time we are talking online and on the phone lots :)

    I guess the distance I've had is nothing compared to the 1,500 miles you've experienced... but I think that if something is meant to work, then it will work, regardless of the distance.

    Hope this helps.


  • Anonymous
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    I once spent a long time in the Netherlands (I have family there) when I was 13 and I met a boy there and he was really cute, so I kinda had a crush on him, but at the end of the month, I had to go back to the USA. We kept contact via the internet, but it slowly came to a hold and we stopped talking.

    He lives/lived about 4900, almost 5000 miles away!

    But hey, I can't complain, I now have a boyfriend that lives just 14 miles away. =)

  • My sister is dating someone who lives in Virginia. We live in Penssylvania. It's about 5 hours away. They have been together for a while and it's very interesting how they met.

    I have feelings for my "beach house" neighbor who lives in New Jersey. I think that's only about 2 hours away. I am too shy to even say hi anyway :\

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    Lmao, I dont have feelings but people I meet online I want to meet in real life. But not like those feelings haha. I have feelings for this guy in Florida where I used to live, I miss everyone there.

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  • Anonymous
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    A guy who goes to my acting school - we talk on Facebook sometimes except he lives like 1 - 2 hours away from me.

  • Anonymous
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    yeppp :/ it sucks i care a lot for him but hes in texas right now for a couple months and whenever i can talk to him he always cheers me up (: he doesnt even have to do anything and hes so sweet. he'll remember every little thing i say even when i thought he wasnt listening, it makes me so happy.

  • Anonymous
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    Yeah, I go to Italy almost every year to visit family. I met this guy once and he took me on a date and all that and then I never saw him again. hmph. :(

    He was hot too.

  • :P
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    yeah it did suck and it didnt work at all, plus i only met him once and he lived in America. i thought i was inlove, until i realized i was an idiot.

    Source(s): btw im in australia
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