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How did James know Alice?

In Twilight, in the book it mentioned how James was infatuated with Alice when she was a human.

But she was the only one who escaped him or something.

What exactly happened between them?

How did she get away from James?

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    Alice was living at an asylum for mad people- her seeing the future was considered mad- and James attacked her. Alice had the same call for James as Bella has for Edward. James was unable to finish off Alice but had bitten her. Once you become a vampire human memories begin to fade and so she forgot. Yes, she was the only human who had ever escaped James.

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    There was a guy working at the asylum where Alice was kept for she had premonitions.

    He found out that James was after Alice because her blood smelled so good to him.

    The worker for the asylum changed Alice into a vampire before James got to her.

    Alice didn't know a lot from her past because she blocked the painful memories of living in the astylum.

    So it is a little difficult to understand what happened to her and James.

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    he liked the smell of her blood like ed does bella at the time she was in a mental hospital and one of the nurses or doctors there was an old vampire he found out about james and changed alice before james could kill her (she doesn't remember cuz she was locked up in a dark room and getting shock therapy and then of course you lose your human memories when you change in to a vampire) so then james killed the old vampire

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    he often attacked people in insane assylums and alice was in there for having visions

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    It doesn't say anything about their history in the books but it could be in Midnight Sun possibly

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    omg i LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE twilight!!!

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