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How do you get promoted out of Air Force boot camp to PFC?

I have 15 college credits and a 3.5 GPA.

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    PFC is an Army rank not an AF rank. We have Basic Training, not Boot Camp.

    For advanced rank for college credt, you must have at least 20 credit hours for E-2 and at least 45 credit hours for E-3. 15 credits will get you nothing. If you have more 20, your recruiter will need a copy of your transcripts so that your advanced rank can be put in your contract.

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    That would be extremely difficult since there's not such rank as PFC in the Air Force.

    You may be able to enlist as an E-2 with 20 semester hours or as an E-3 with 45 semester hours. You'll have to ask your recruiter if you qualify as this is not available for all personnel.

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    I'm going to assume you mean A1C cause we don't have PFC. If you do the 6 year enlistment option or have prior JROTC, 3 years, you can put on A1C (E-3) out of basic. I believe you need at least 45 semester hours of college.

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    Well you probably want to talk to your recruiter all that should be set up before you leave for boot camp. hopefully you didn't already sign the contract.

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