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Who Thinks The Pittsburgh Pirates Should Fold?

And if your with me on this, what city should a new team go to?

My pick would be Oklahoma City and make it an AL team.

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    The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of baseball's charter franchises. I just don't see any way that the Pirates will fold (be contracted) or wind up getting relocated to another city.

    Besides, the team undoubtedly has a long term lease at PNC Park which isn't all that old. I highly doubt that the Pirates would be able to escape their lease at PNC Park; and that would be the sticking point right there.

    The Pirates are a team full of history and there's simply no way the people of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania would let the Pirates go without a fight. I realize the Steel City is a football stronghold with the Steelers; but Pittsburgh is a great sports town and I don't think the Pirates are going anywhere.

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    No way man you cant bring the Pirates to Oklahoma City. Look what happened to the Thunder. Granted way different sports but, same concept. They took the horrible Sonics moved to them to OKC and for the beginning of the season soldout every game now not so much. You have to put a team like the Pirates who are rebuilding and looking for an identity in a city that can afford to take the hit of a losing season in the beginning of the franchise if that's how it goes. If your gonna bring a new city into any sport at least give them a fighting chance at having a successful franchise.

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    Uh, no. The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the oldest franchises in baseball. They have much history in the city, which is one the best sports cities in the country. This isn't like the Florida Marlins who are not drawing the fans, even when they play well.

    Also, you cannot have another team in the AL right now because you will screw up the scheduling. There would always have to be one team in each league having an off day, which is very difficult to schedule.

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    The city needs to fold on them. Pittsburgh is a great sports city and to have the Pirates suck for this long, the city need to boycott their games, they are making money from somewhere. The fans need to do something like stay home, who wants to watch a bad team year after year. I could see staying with your team when they are trying to rebuild and have a few rough years but these owners are really concerned about it, are they?

    Imagine what I would really think if I was a Pirates fan!!!

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    A team with history like the Pirates all of a sudden gets moved to Oklahoma City?

    Hmmmmmm. I say no.

    Even though they are not successful now, or haven't been successful in the past 16 seasons, there needs to be a better reason to move a team than a bad stretch of seasons.

    If any team were to move (and I don't want that), I say the Marlins. And the city would be Las Vegas.

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    The fans in Pittsburgh need to boycott the Pirates, make them play in an empty stadium everynight, and hit their owner hard in the pocketbook.

    Then, hopefully he'll sell the team to someone who will put some money into the system and turn them around.

    If you're going to the ballpark, you're only hurting your chances of getting a winning team there. Stay home and watch the Mets.

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    i agree completely

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    yeah they SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and should probably change mabey they counld have sucksess

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