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Need help with a Hawaiian luau party as a sweet 16 this summer?

Need help with a Hawaiian luau party as a sweet 16 this summer?

hey! i'm having a sweet 16 luau party. very hawaiian/tropical theme. i need party ideas.

about my party:

this will take place early august in nj. it will be in my backyard with about 20 people. where we live about that time of the year, the sun goes down around 8 o'clock. the party starts at 4 and ends at 11.

what will take place:

the limbo

hoola hoop contests

relaxing by the pool


silk flower leis

painted shells with guests' names on them

grass skirts

flamingo or palm tree table covers

beach balls



blow up palm trees

plastic fish bowls filled with water, sand and rocks with a flower on top

tiki torches

beach chairs


straws with umbrellas in them

aloha banner

palm tree center pieces

luau confetti

6 disposable cameras (would this be enough for 15/20 people?)!

plastic silverware with a tie and flower around each


blow up ukuleles

plastic tiki cups where i can write the guests' name on

fish net to drape around the back deck. here, there will be pictures of me growing up (mom & best friends are making me =/- what kind of pix should i pick out?), a list of all the guests names translated into hawaiian, pictures of hawaii, fake fish and shells...

a paper surf board about 3 feet tall which people can sign on their way in.


fruit kabobs







Hawaiian pizza


hawaiian punch

virgin pina coladas

virgin strawberry daquiris

i'm making chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels for dessert.

what kind of candy should i have to give out? i was thinking... air heads, gum, jolly ranchers, skittles, sour patch, sweet tarts, nerds, sweetish fish....

my invitation will be a cutout surfboard with the info on it.

In the beginning of the party (once everyone is there) I am going to have my mom take a picture of all us kiddies. Then, she can print up as many pictures there are guests, put in a frame and have me give it to them as they exit. The pictures from the disposable cameras will be developed with some made copies so that I can give these out in the Thank You cards that will be mailed a week later.

these are some of the Hawaiian songs i was thinking:

Liliu E Lei Momi

It's Just An Old Hawaiian Custom

My Little Grass Shack

Sweet Leilani


Hawaiian Hula Eyes

Little Brown Gal

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Beyond The Reef

On The Beach

My Yellow Ginger

Hawaiian War Chant

Lovely Hula Hands Lei Momi

Aloha Oe

The Hula Hoop Song

Surfing USA

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Don Ho


John Cruz-"Hurricane," "Shine On," "Sitting in Limbo," "Island Style"

Hawaiian Style Band-"Live a Little"

Sean Na'auao-"Fish & Poi"

Jake Shimabukuro-"Angel," "Bodysurfing," "Floaters"

Na Leo-"Local Boys," "Hawaiian Eyes," "'E Hihiwai"

Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom-"Haleiwa Hula"

Na Wai - Oh Boy

Koauka - One Woman Man

Maoli - No One

Ka'ena - You Say

Koauka - Up, Down, Side to Side

Living in a Sovereign Land by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

E ala E by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole

Hokule'a Star of Gladness by IZ

Sweet Cherry Bomb by Nuff Sedd

Drop Baby Drop by The Manao Company

Kaulana Na Pua - Na Waihooluu o ke (Na Wai)

Why You - Na Wai Featuring Fiji

Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole - Ulili E

Keali'i Reichel - E O Mai- 'Auhea Wale Ana 'Oe

Rebel Souljahz - Darling Angel

^are these good?

i would also like to hire a hula dancer or flame thrower to perform and be at the party for about a 1/2 hour, but it might be a lot of money. how much do you think it would cost? is there even anyone who would do that in new jersey? if you are one/know anyone in central nj, please let me know!

am i missing anything? i want this party to really be perfect! even the littlest idea is appreciated!

need help with:

ideas about food

other Hawaiian drinks

decoration ideas


thanks in advance!!

(by the way, i'm NOT some stuck up 16 year old girl who's parents pay for everything like most teenage girls in this country. this is all my money, my parents just agreed to let me have the party.)

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    the songs are pretty good and i see some of my favs in their too :]

    (im listening 2 darling angel right now:])

    i also suggest some other artists and song too:

    J boog-Love Season

    O-shen-Tropically FIne

    Sudden Rush-Hi'ilawe

    Ho'okoa-Never Leave Your Side

    Lowie Boy-K.I.S.S.I.N.G

    Katchafire-Love Letter

    Three Plus-Honey Baby

    Lagea Savea-Take Me Away

    Three Houses Down-Island Lullaby

    Aaradhna and Adeze-Gettin Stronger

    (the last 2 are from NZ but pop in Hawaii)

    Check for your local seafood place ofr ahi if it is not too expensive and virgin mai tais and for food, maybe try to find a recipe to make some haupia cheesecake or Spam musubi.

    For candy, try to get gummy candy and put this ling hui mong powder (its a pop snack in Hawaii)

    and maybe as a suprise maybe you can try to learn to hula dance to

    a song(Hawaiian Hula Eyes is agood beginner song) by Youtubing the dance song up

    hopefully i helped you a tiny bit :]

    Source(s): im a part Hawaiian Cali girl who loves Island Reggae and a hula dancer for 3 years
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Need help with a Hawaiian luau party as a sweet 16 this summer?

    Need help with a Hawaiian luau party as a sweet 16 this summer?

    hey! i'm having a sweet 16 luau party. very hawaiian/tropical theme. i need party ideas.

    about my party:

    this will take place early august in nj. it will be in my backyard with about 20 people. where we live about that time of...

    Source(s): hawaiian luau party sweet 16 summer:
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    okay, first of all, drop all the candies and the non-tropical fruit and try to replace them with more citris fruits and maybe some coconuts here and there simply for decoration. go with more traditional hawaiian luau foods like roast pig, huli huli chicken, poi, poke and for anyone brave enough, spam musubi.

    also, keep the drinks, but also add some guava juice-based cocktails to the list.

    have everyone come with casual wear (cargo shorts, flip flops etc) to bypass on the whole cheesy grass skirt deal. also make hawaiian shirts mandatory, im pretty sure they're easy to find, even in jersey.

    im digging the music list, but you may want to throw in some jack johnson songs just for a more mellow feel to the whole experience.

    and just for the hell of it, see if you can't find a few small tiki statues to place randomly in the background, they are subtle, but they (along with the tiki torches) really do complete the luau look.

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    Wow, you can plan a party for me anytime. Do not think you are missing much. That said...Best song would be Elvis singing "Blue Hawaii" but did not see that on your list. Also, in Hawaii luaus that we attended consisted of roast pig, bb chicken, poi, baked beans, corn on the cob, together with fruit, etc. Scratch the chocolate covered fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, etc., as that is not Hawaiian, no candy handouts either. Use the fruit kabobs as dessert. Also scratch the fake fish or fish in bowls use birds instead such as parrots, etc., Suggest you have guests wear Hawaiian or tropical outfits/costume so you would not have the expense of grass skirts, etc. Put a lei on each as they arrive and give them a kiss as a welcome to your party. Sometimes less is more as I think you might be overdoing some things, decorations, etc.

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    Sounds like you have a lot planned already. You could do a cool photo op, like a surfboard and a pretty backdrop and people can stand there and get their picture taken. My friend had a tropical Wedding Shower and found alot of her supplies from Party City. Also look up Oriental Trading company online. For food you can't go wrong with a BBQ. Tropical infused dishes like coconut pineapple coleslaw, exotic fruit salad, and ham with pineapple would be really good. Get tiki lamps and have them around the yard. It'll look really nice when it's dark and they're lit.

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    Check out the Oriental Trading Company. They have all kinds of party decorations, including the luau ones you listed.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    wow! when i was 16 i got a can of beer! you are lucky! make sure you have tons of animals like wild chickens and dogs there, just like on the island here..... rent a few surboards and keep them there. wow! you are so lucky and spoiled!!! millions of children dont know what a 3 course meal is, but you have everything. you are in for a life of disappointment, life does not operate around a 16 year old with everything.

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