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Should the Pittsburgh Pirates hijack a ship and demand that they automatically win the 2009 NL Central?


Insane Blackhawks fan - Read your profile - We would get along really well as long as we didn't talk to each other during the baseball season!

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    Possibly one of the most unique questions I have ever seen in this section. Bravo!

    And, of course they should. How freakin' awesome would that be?!

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    Unfortunately for you the hockey fans don't take kindly to others in these forums, but fortunately for you I'm a baseball fan that answers these types of questions (though usually in the baseball section). First, I'm a Cardinals fan, so when it comes to baseball it's the NL Central and then the rest of the league that gets my attention. As a Cardinals fan, I have to say I always look forward to playing the pirates because it usually means we take at least 2/3. The problem with the pirates is that any little talent they generate seems to be sent off to another team (I've heard rumors that Jason Bay is going bye bye). A major league team should not give the appearance of a farm team, but this seems to be what is happening. The Pittsburgh fans appear to be pretty loyal (and they'd have to be given the recent Pirates struggle), so it's sad to tell you that it's not likely that they will win the NL Central in the next few years unless management decides to build teams rather than players. The worst news for the Pirates is that this season created the following illusion: the NL Central is weak, because the competition this year for the NL Central playoff spot was between two teams that were barely holding over .500. It would appear a non-stellar team could capture that playoff spot, thus giving hope. The truth is the Pirates have done next to nothing to improve, while the consensus is that Milwaukee is only going to get better, the Cubs are finally willing to give winning a shot and the Cardinals had pitching problems galore that should be greatly improved for 2008 (if Carpenter comes back healthy there's no reason the Cards can't put together a season well over the .500 mark). The reds also hired Dusty Baker, which while Cincinnati may be complaining about the move, I say the man got the Giants AND the Cubs (two teams not synonmous with winning) not only into the playoffs but a World Series appearance for San Fran and NLCS appearace for Chicago (which as the story goes would have been World Series if not for Steve Bartman). Finally, Houston, never cared much for the ASStros and they're a tough team to gauge performance wise. I wish good luck to the Pirates, but unfortunately they're going to need a lot of it.

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    The only "ship" team in MLB are the Mariners. That would not really help the Pirates, they aren't any better.

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    Even if they do hijack a ship their bullpen will find some way to mess it all up and lose to their opponents.

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    With the Cubs in the Central that would be their only chance.

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    I think that is actually an excellent strategy for the Pirates, yarrr!!!!!

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    They would have a better shot than actually playing.

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    DOH! Stupid Flanders

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  • LOL, no. The Brewers want that demand.

  • no because with their luck the ship would sink

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