National guard to Active Army OCS uniform question?

I will be entering Active Army OCS in 2 months. My supply Sgt is saying I have to return all of my uniforms from basic and the guard and I will get issued a whole new set at Benning. However the recruiter is saying that I need to keep my initial issuance of uniforms from the guard and that I will use that when I go active. Anybody who transferred over know the answer?

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    How many years do you have in the guard? What is your status? Are you enlisted ? I guess it depends on what your status is. Talk to the ISG and seek his guidance. The Guard sometimes does strange things as far as uniforms go. When you get in the Army you will have to buy you uniforms but you will get a clothing allowance to help pay for them. You can also ask the supply Sgt to show you the regulation that applies. This should clear this up.

    Source(s): Retired Army MSG 28 yrs Recuiter and worked 15 years with National Guard.
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