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Pitching killing my matchups, help?

Hey, all the good pitchers in the league were scooped up befor i could get any and I was wondering if anybody ahd an idea, maybe for a new unknown pitcher, or anything.

I have CC Sabathia (good)

Jonathan Sanchez

Grant Balfour

Joba Chamberlain(good)

Chien Wang (good)'

Mike Pelfrey

Jose Arradondo

ANybody have any help of what i should do? Thanks

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    I like Pelfrey, and Sanchez could have a decent season. Half of these guys haven't pitched yet, so of course you're not winning those catagories. Give it time. While I agree that your pitching isn't great, the best thing to do in this situation is wait. It's still the opening week.

    Arredondo is probably your best drop at the moment, and I don't have a problem with that because he doesn't pitch much anyway...3-4 innings a week. I think Balfour ends up with the Closer role, so hang on to him for the time being.

    I don't know how deep this league is, so it's hard to tell who's on waivers. The new guys to watch are:

    Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals

    Rick Porcello, Tigers

    Trevor Cahill, As

    Brett Anderson, As

    James McDonald, Dodgers

    David Purcey, Blue Jays

    Jeff Niemann, Rays

    Dustin Moseley, Angels

    Koji Uehara, Orioles

    Nick Adenhart, Angels

  • Gavin Floyd, Gil Meche, Kyle Lohse, and Paul Maholm as well as Nationals pitching prospect Jordan Zimmerman are all good sleeper pitchers.

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    You should make some trades. Players like Joba won't be that great in clutch. May give you a lot of strike outs but will also give you a high ERA

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    might try someone like jordon zimmerman from the nats. Or see if brad penny is still around.. he is pretty low on th list this year and doesn't always get picked but he had a good spring.

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    My Advise.....Prepare better for your draft! There's no making up for a horrible draft.

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