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Is Israel the major problem in the Middle East?

Biden just issued a polite statement that Israel should not attack Tehran. Prior to the election many DoD generals went to Israel to warn them off attacking Iran.

Israel just elected the nuttiest of the far right Israelis to head their country...Netyanahu...(or whatever spelling...)

We know that many in our Congress suck up to the Israeli PAC ie special interest group AIPAC...including Biden SO should we expect that the Israeli's are preparing to cause more problems?

I am still mad about them attacking OUR ship the USS Liberty in the 60's and getting away with it just because they donate money to OUR politicians. All those that were involved with that cover-up should be in prison. The Israelis were guilty and on tape - they should at least be given the same treatment as Bin Laden...

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    Israel is a big problem yes especially since they can ignore UN resolutions against them because the US vetoes every one of them.

    The US is a huge problem causing strife and death since before 1953.

    1953 - UK and US kill democracy in Iran because the UK wasn't paying agreed royalties on the oil they took. The poor man leading the democracy ended up in prison because of western spite. British/American oil was created B/A stations used to be all over.

    - The UK & US instituted the cruel Shah of Iran as dictator while the two powers virtually stole Iranian oil.

    1958 - signed up Saddam as a CIA asset.

    1959 - said asset was set up to assassinate the then leader of Iraq. Saddam killed the driver but only wounded the leader.

    1963 - US forcefully placed an exiled Saddam into power in Iraq.

    And, so much more.

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  • You're still mad at them over something that happened nearly forty years ago, so now you think they should wait until Tehran attacks them and destroys half their country before they do anything?

    Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and our strongest ally at the UN. NO other nation has voted with us as often as Israel. Israel isn't the problem over there, Iran is. Israel needs to do whatever is necessary to protect and defend it's people, period. It's too bad we don't have anyone like Netanyahu leading our nation.

    Biden is an idiot on National Defense and foreign relations and so is the Howdie Doody he works for. At least Netanyahu doesn't go around bowing in submission to the kings of countries that produce the very mujahideen that want to destroy the U.S.

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    Only one thing is important to any country and that is its own security. Israel will do what ever it takes to protect itself. As far as the USA is concerned Israel is its only ally in the Middle East. Yes they did attack the USS Liberty on purpose. Since I was working at the National Security Agency at the time since I was in the Army Security Agency I know why they did it. I also agree with their action. The USA could have pulled the ship out of the area before the attack and it would not have been attacked. It is classified Top Secret Codeword, need to know only. I agree with their actions.

    If you think this country is so great, then why did we back Britain during the Falkland war yet sell Exocet missiles to Argentina so the could sink British ships and kill British sailors? More British sailors died because of us than American sailors because of Israel.

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    The real problem is the Middle East are the politicians, both Israeli and Arab. There is no reason that the Jews and the Arabs can't live together peacefully, other than maintaining hatred is how politicians stay in power.

    Politicians are the greatest mass murderers in history, and it is they who start the wars.

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    the conflict has no longer something to do with faith . in case you flow decrease back to the beginning up of the challenge you will only locate that Jews got here in Concorde the section and made their usa on the ruins of an modern usa

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    Radical islamic cowards that like to blow up innocent people on buses and while they eat are the problem

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    No, muslims are the major problem.

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