wich book for a 7 years old boy?


I`m looking for a book for a 7 years old boy .It should be a present, and he`s the first boy I know, who loves reading books. No picture books please.

Any idea?

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    your best bet is to ask the parents because there's a huge range of reading levels among 7-year-olds, and what's right for one is not right for others (plus you don't want to get something he's already read). my son just turned 8 a couple weeks ago and is absolutely loving 'The Mysterious Benedict Society," but it would only work for a strong reader. Other books he's read in the last year that I'd recommend for a strong reader 7-year-old are Holes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frindle, and the Gregor the Overlander series. For someone reading around grade level, maybe try any of the Owen Foote books, or the Encyclopedia Brown books, or, if you'll consider a comic-book, any of the Geronimo Stilton books.

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    Horrible Harry is a great series, Captain Underpants, The Zack Files, Ready Freddie books, Dripping Fang Forest. These are all books that my son enjoys. Good Luck

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    Dean Kootz - Goose Bumps

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    horrid henry! just casually chat to the boy and say "so wat kinda books do you like?"

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