How come when you take a pain pill the Watson brand is more effective than the Malincroft?

I think that's the pharmaceutical company, but when I get the Lorcets with the M on them I have to take 2 and when I get the watson brand 1 does the trick. So is it just me or is one brand more effective than the other?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well here is a genuine answer. Only Lorcet generic Mallinkrodts and Qualitest ONLY worked on me, the little light pale green Watsons never did a thing for me and A lot of people think so also.

    However, I know a guy that swore only Watson's worked. And these were the only one's that worked on him.

    Now for the answer; How a drug hits the nervous system is how a person feels it. These filler's dictate how effective the drug is; and how long it will last; and be active in our system before you have to take another one; thus how it works. Pharmacist's will insist there is no difference. THERE IS! They are not taking them, you are.

    Fillers and binders (The stuff that holds the tablet together) in tablets all make a difference on how these drugs hit the nervous system thus they genuinely will work on you differently. Be careful, although you think you need two Mall's, you are bringing your tolerence up for the dosage of narcotic is the same BUT you have to do what you have to do.

    Get Watson's from now on. Call the drug store before getting them filled and make sure they carry Watson. My Walgreens now carries them and they are not hard to find. CVS has Mall here. For Watson is what you are use to metabolizing and eventually in time you will aquire a program for the pretty blue one's. But stick with Watson anyways. Now they all work on me.

    This is not in your head, and there is a difference.

    Now Mylan Valiums never worked on me, they are weak and this is another example, I cannot take Mylan Valiums.

    Source(s): RN Registered Nothing. I been taking Lorcet 10/650's (Legally as prescribed for pain and believe any Lorcet form is better than any Vicodin) If I took Vicodin first for pain, I would have sworn Hydrocodone was candy, NONE of them work on me. I took Lorcets for over 10 years and it was the only drug that worked on my pain.
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