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what causes a "fatty liver"?

my friend shes in her fiftys she drinks a lot of alcohol manly strong spirits,shes just had a biopsy she said she had too many red blood cells and the results have shown she has a "fatty liver"shes told me the doctors have told her this is nothing to do with her drinking!im not to sure tho?any one had simular?thanks for answers

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    Alcoholics frequently have fatty livers, but she is going to kill her liver if she continues to drink. No doctor in his/her right mind would ever ignore the drinking aspect when it comes to liver disease. Apparently, she is having some symptoms of a problem since they ordered a biopsy of the liver for her. They don't do that unless they suspect a serious problem. Believe me, it has everything to do with drinking. She just doesn't want to admit that to you because she wants to continue to drink without anyone bugging her about it. I will add that it is an extremely difficult process to get a liver transplant for an alcoholic. In the U.S. they require at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even consider giving you an evaluation for one.

    If an alcoholic stops drinking in the early stages of disease, then they can actually stop the progression of the disease (cirrhosis) and live out their life like a normal person. But if they ignore any warning signs and continue to drink, they will get past the point of no return which means they will need a liver transplant if they want to stay alive. Continued alcohol use just makes the disease progress much faster. Those red blood cells your friend is talking about is a sign of liver damage, so we know she already has a damaged liver. Many alcoholics are in denial and do not want others to know about their condition. They won't even face it themselves.

    The graveyards have many people in them that were alcoholics that refused to stop drinking and would never admit they had a problem until it was too late. Your friend will join that group if she has liver damage and continues to drink. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is the way it is. I might add that in the U.S. an alocholic must have at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even consider giving you an evaluation for a liver transplant. It's a very difficult process for any alcoholic to receive a transplant.

    If for some reason I have missed the mark here, and your friend is telling you the absolute truth, my answer would still be the same for her prognosis. Any fatty liver that leads to liver damage is called NASH (non alcoholic steatheopathic hepatitis) and it leads to cirrhosis also. You would never want to drink with this condition. No matter what causes cirrhosis, it is still cirrhosis and acts the same for everyone. Mine was caused by a biliary autoimmune disease, but it's all the same thing happening to the liver. Drinking will only make it much worse and progress it much faster to total failure. So that means your friend has every reason to NOT ever drink again. Also, tell your friend that cirrhosis is not an easy way to die. You just don't lie down and sleep away. It is quite miserable to say the least.

    Source(s): I had cirrhosis and a liver transplant.
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    If she really drinks a lot, I think the alcohol is not helping her liver at all. Alcohol is like poison when taken in large amounts, Fatty liver can come from obesity,diabetes, some chemicals & drugs, malnutrition, vitamin A toxicity, gastric bypass , cystic fibrosis, and heredity. The alcohol isn't helping her at all since it really is destroying whatever healthy tissue that she has left. People can live with fatty livers for years, but not with alcohol.

    Source(s): NJ RN
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    Not because of alcohol

    Since I born I never touch a alcohol & I m also suffering from fatty lever reason because of fatty food & drinks doctor recommended me to avoid fatty food & drink lots for water

    Good luck

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    Kinda weird and wonderful. yet I heard, basically HEARD, i would not call this a fact, that it particularly is a gallbladder situation in case you throw up after ingesting fatty meals. Ya might wanna flow to a doctor and get that appeared at until now it gets actual undesirable.

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