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how to stop a trip like this on magic mushrooms?

first of all, WARNING: if you are against drugs or have not done shrooms please don't bother and leave a comment. well besides smoking marijuana daily i had never done anything else except for about a month ago. im 5'4 and about 100 pounds. i took 1.5 grams of magic mushrooms at 10:50 pm then another .5 grams about an hour or so later. this is around midnight. so at around 12:30 or so after snorting some morphine/vicodin clonazepam/adderall/trazadone, i smoked 2 bowls with my friends outside and by the time i got out there i started trippin pretty hard. i looked up at a tree and it was dark and it looked like it was angry and looking at me and i kept staring at it except when i hit the pipe. so after i came back in i was feeling bomb as **** i sat in my room with the light on and watched TV and all the sudden i started getting some bad anxiety like all the things in my room (even the little things) were people all looking at me like they were attacking me. so i started to try to relax and lean back in my chair and it felt like 2 death like figures ( one on each side of me ) were pulling me back and i felt like i was falling. and my friend pulled me from leaning back because he saw i was trippin' so it felt like i got reality again for a few seconds then i starting feeling even worse. i closed my eyes and looked and i saw a spinning square with a skull on it and i was coming closer and closer to it and it was in the center of a circle room ( my head ). and i was closing my eyes really tight and i put my hands on the sides of them like i was holding my temples and i could feel them shaking and it felt like i had 3 fingers. i then starting saying random stuff like lets go hang out with my brother. lets go with my parents lets turn on the lights lets go to bed because i kept feeling like this stuff would pull me out of the bad trip but it didn't. i went in my bed layed down and went into a fetal position and closed my eyes and i felt really bad like i shouldn't have taken the shrooms or anything i wanted to go to the hospital my friend said i was going to die so i started freaking out went in the bathroom flushed the toilet to try to make me feel better but it didn't so i layed down with a pillow in my bathroom and tried to sleep until it wore off. So that was my trip and i'm thinking about doing magic mushrooms again and i was going to take like 1.8 then .4 like an hour later and smoke a bowl but no pills. when i went into the trip i was in a good mood and i was trying to stay positive but i don't know i guess i just lost it and i just don't want to have a bad trip again. can somebody please help??

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    You need to strengthen your mind, learn some respect, and become more responsible before you take mushrooms (or any other intoxicant for that matter). Your intent was to get completely f**k'd up, and f**k'd up you got. If you keep on doing things for the wrong reasons it will only lead to your demise...

    If you are doing that many drugs together, im guessing you are doing it as an escape. Attempting to escape from reality is an endless, unattainable task which is detrimental to ones well being. The escape route you are currently pursuing is not the right path to happiness, as you have already been a first hand witness to. The fear you felt was the energy of life telling you that you are in need of a change. Do not blind yourself...To truly be content, you must be conscious of, fully aware of, and at peace with yourself and surroundings...

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    What you need Wrath is to have a good trip to balance out the bad trips. Hmmm maybe a trip to Hawaii ? That would be pretty nice. Or try going to Disneyland - all those guy's in giant character suits is like a trip... but nicer. Shrooms can mess you up, but the effects are usually short term I had a friend who would freak out after a LSD trip from years ago. He would be walking along the street and all of a sudden he would think the street lamps would come alive, and like snakes try to bite him. Freaky huh? So my advice is Disneyland. Yup should do it. See two Mickeys per day, and try to get some Donald duck in there too. Or if you are serious- see a doctor you nut case!

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    You should probably have someone stay with you who wont be doing any drugs(or very little drugs) so they can look after you if you have a bad trip. They can flick the lights on and off for you (this might not have been for shrooms but it is meant to help you get back to reality).

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    How To Make Shrooms Stop

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