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nothing much bored "shitless" u?

pretty good just a "lil" bored at the moment


"gud n np." :PP

so "chyeah"!

whats up

"nah" i think im right lol

hey! i send this to you in two reasons..

it's ether i like you i have a crush on you

or maybe it's more than that'

~joshua.. "rrwwrr".. :D

"o"a.. listenin to music lying alone ..

"uhmm" wait.. have bf..?


i wish i have one..^.*

"nah" i think im right lol

im fine and about the thing are u planning to

b single for now "y do u wont to do go or somethin

just wondering y do you wont to go out i ment "

"are listener supported. they are doing a fund drive

this week after that its back to normal music. "

"si, y tambien mi nena! eres las tres cosas; my lil' mami chula, mi mamasita linda, y mi nena lol"

"de nada! y gracias por los besitos, mmm! que ricos "

nm just have the flu!

"uuhh"... get what?

Hey "np". I'm good, and you?

oohh..soundzz "effin" tired

yeah,," bcoz io snob her alot",,

shes really so happy when i talk to her i

snob her "bcoz" no woman can survive when u are always happy

"YW" ,doin gr8 .how r u?

wats "gud lil mama "

Hey i'm tori [:



i like you... :D)

sorry i have not talked to you in like "idk" forever

Their working wonders on the Angelic Maiden. LOL. =D


thenx for being a friend "hir"..



may "ym ka ba"???

O.O dont "rape donald duck".. hes "hawt"! :D v_V haha your cute to

"pls" ...fine

how are you ?

im doinq "qewd tho &+" wat bout yu?

oh "kwl" lol haha idk im pretty cool but idk

Hi 2 u 2 :) n "np"I'm doin alrite


"gracias ahora soy tu mamasita linda lol

muchos besitos 2 u "

im "guud"

nutin much jus "chillin"

whats "crackin party animal "

"nun" really just chillin until my 4:00 class.

wats gud wit u?

sup bro

i "gotta pise lmao "

oohw hehe yeah "eh" idk,

first time i listened to ur playlist .

u really dont have anythin better to do at school do u?


"godbLesS". . . . O_o

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  • sam
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    1 decade ago
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    lil - little

    lol - laugh out loud

    gud n np - good, and no problem

    nah - no, nothing

    rrwwrr - (發出怪聲)

    uhmm - 發出類似"嗯,啊"的聲音

    ahihi - 嘻笑

    de nada! y gracias por los besitos, mmm! que ricos - you are welcome, and thanks for the kisses

    uuhh - 發出類似"嗯,啊"的聲音

    np - no problem

    effin - focking

    bcoz - because

    gud lil mama - good little mama

    yw - you are welcome

    geee - 發出類"geeee"的聲音

    idk - i dont know

    ym ka ba - your mom kick ass

    hawt - hot

    gewd - good

    gracias ahora soy tu mamasita linda - because i am your mama now

    muchos besitos 2 u - kisses for you

    chillin - relax

    lmao - 笑死人了

    eh - 發出"eh"的聲音

    godbLesS - god bless

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