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1.Have musical styles from other countries influenced the music scene in your country?Give some examples.

2.Who are the most popular musicians in your country right now?

Do you like their songs?Do you know of any musicians in your country who sing in another language?

3.Do you know any song lyrics in English?

4.What is your ideal job?What are the requirements for this job?

Is it easy or difficult to get this kind of job?Why?

5.How do people get information about jobs that are available?

Which of these places give the best information?

6.Is it easy or difficult to find a new job in your country?Why?

What advice have you heard for getting a job?

Do you think these ideas are useful? 謝謝@@



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    1 你國家的音樂有受到別國家音樂風格的影響嗎? 請舉例

    2 在你國家 誰是目前最受歡迎的音樂家呢? 你喜歡他(們)的歌嗎? 你知道你國家有哪些音樂家是有用別國語言唱歌的嗎?

    3 你有熟悉的英文歌曲嗎(是英文歌詞的)? (lyrics 歌詞)

    4 你所期望的工作是什麼? 這份工作是否有任何條件需求? 這份工作好不好找? 為什麼?

    5 人們是如何知道工作的工作資料? 這些提功資料的地方哪些提供的資料最完整最正確?

    6 在你的國家裡新的工作好不好找? 為什麼? 你有聽過哪些找工作的建議? 你覺得這些建議有用嗎?

    大致上.........是醬~ ~ ~ 希望是你需要的

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