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幫我翻譯英文好嗎, 不要離原意太遠喔

有誰幫我翻譯下面的文章, 謝謝 ^___^

1) 做事情不要太快太匆忙,一急就容易出錯;慢慢花工夫,才可以做出精細的成品。人在匆忙中往往無法冷靜思考解決的方法,匆忙中做的決定也常造成遺憾。做一件事情不求速度只求好,慢慢做把它做的最好才是上策。




3) 明朝建安初年

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    Working feeling don't be too fast too hurried, a nasty come amiss easily; Spend time slowly, just can do fine finished product. The person usually can't calm down to consider the method for solving in the rush, doing in the rush of the decision also often causes a regret. Do a thing don't beg speed only beg like, do to do it slowly of best is best plan.



    The "Ding" ancient times is the tool which cooks thing to use, using to do a gift machine of graving in the merit again afterwards, symbolizing an idea of good luck. Graving in the merit is a proper business, and then has the idea that the decorum doesn't move, so lead shen to is consistent for decorum, words and actions.



    The Ming Dynasty sets up an early year of Anne

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