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請問世界知名的主題樂園有哪幾個? (急)



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    Top 10 theme parks

    (a) Source: http://www.coastergrotto.com/top-10-parks.jsp

    Cedar Point

    Ohio , United States

    Islands of Adventure

    Florida , United States

    Europa Park

    Baden Wuerttemberg , Germany

    Holiday World

    Indiana , United States

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    California , United States


    Tarragona, Spain

    Busch Gardens Europe

    Virginia , United States

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Lancashire , United Kingdom


    Pennsylvania , United States

    Alton Towers

    Staffordshire , United Kingdom

    (b) Source: http://www.expedia.co.uk/daily/inspiration/top10/t...

    1. Walt Disney World in Florida Book your Walt Disney World Tickets

    2. Disneyland Resort Paris

    3. Disneyland Resort California

    4. Thorpe Park

    5. Chessington

    6. Universal Studios - Los Angeles

    7. PortAventura Park

    8. Universal Studios Florida

    9. Seaworld Orlando

    10. Legoland.

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    If you click at the links, you will find more information about the theme parks. We have been to Legoland a lot with our kids. Seaworld is a good place too. Disneyworld is great too if you have kids.

    For adults, six flags is a good entertainment place with a lot of challenging rides.

    2009-04-15 03:52:09 補充:

    Chessington in England is a nice place too.

    Source(s): Myself and Internet search
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    Thanks! This ought to come in handy when I plan for my next vacation.

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