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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


blue 是藍色的意思,也可翻成憂鬱

而 bule 我查不出是什麼意思

偶爾會看到 bule

是因為把 blue 打錯,誤打成 bule 嗎?

還是 bule 有其他意思?


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  • Peter
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    1 decade ago
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    上google查詢 "bule", 得到的結果有:

    約有5,240,000項符合"bule"的查詢結果,以下是第 1-10項。 需時 0.08 秒。


    1. 印尼語, 表示 "外國人"

    2. 人名

    3. 專輯名稱

    4. 免費線上遊戲名稱

    5. 公司名稱 (BULE CORPORATION)

    6. blue拼錯 (BULE WAY; BULE MOON >> BLUE WAY; BLUE MOON才對)

    >>所以bule也有正常的使用場合, 不完全是拼錯. 但是bule在英文世界裡不常用, 且大多為blue拼錯的結果, 搜尋結果多為中文網頁(簡+繁)居多即為映證.

    另外, 查了一下, 看是否有街頭英語或口語方言的應用場合, 非正統或正面英語, 參考就好了. 結果有4筆, 大部份是指白人, 有貶意.:



    Indonesian words that just means white people. It is by no means derogative term. People who thinks it is an insult clearly don't know what they are talking about.

    Bule is hardly used in the English speaking country, so there's no example, really.



    Mother of a smelly ogre horse monkey. (insult)

    you are a bule!!


    your mums a bule!!



    White folks. This word is usually used by asians, as white folks r truely an insult and disgrace to this world. ALL bules are dumb as shit and all they do is have sex and get drunk. They have no moral values and will have sex with anything that walks. Most of them have blonde hair n are tryhard surfers. The others act like peace lovin hippies and are groupies. Most bule girls need 2 pull up their shirts and bule guys need to pull up their pants.



    basically - white people. this word is usually used to insult white people so they don't understand since they're dumb shits anyway =) and they think we're saying blue instead of bule. haha funny. what can i say - bules are tryhard black people and to think that they insult them. tut tut insulting themselves are we ;)

    Source(s): google: urbandictionary
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  • RenRen
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    1 decade ago

    打錯啦 =P~ BLUE~*

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  • 1 decade ago

    bule 的意思 (供參考)

    1. 當然很有可能是寫錯了!

    2. 印尼人稱乎外來白人的輕蔑語,請參考:

    3. 有一個品牌的牛仔褲叫做 Bule Way

    4. 名字,請參考:


    Source(s): Myself & 網頁
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  • 1 decade ago


    Source(s): 我自己
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