Something that will dissolve wax?

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I want ideas about some things that will dissolve wax that is: #1. Flammable. I can take up the wax from my old candles, or the cheap wax I can find around, and dissolve it to make more
Update : I'm not using the "fuel" in an engine btw. The liquid more
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Wax is a non-polar substance, so it can only be dissolved with non-polar substances. Di-ethyl ether is a non-polar solvent that is also highly flammable. Unfortunately, it is also very toxic. In fact, aside from fire, there really aren't any good non-toxic ways to dissolve wax. Hope this helps.


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More informative. Guess I'll just leave it as it is for now.
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  • lateda1000 answered 5 years ago
    You would not want to run a wax through an engine. Wax is a higher molecular weight material that even though it will burn, it will not burn like gasoline. The wax will gum up your engine. By dissolving the wax, you are only solvating it and not breaking it down, so if you burn the solution, the wax will still not burn cleanly and will leave residue in the engine. As for removing wax from apples, I have had good luck with the store bought fruit cleaners.
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