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Would a crowbar be a good weapon during the zombie apocalypse?

I don't own a gun and am wondering if a crowbar would be an effective way to kill zombies during the apocalypse. If not, what weapon would you recommend?

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    If there was an apocalypse and the majority of the city was unable to bring itself back. Then it would be safe to say that a person should do anything in mind to protect themselves and that would inlcude partially destroying nearby structures. If all you had in hand was a crow bar it would be better to just use it as an object for fortification and protection. It would be better to risk your life and gather materials from neraby stores and abondoned structures. If you want to ancient and mideval mode on them I suggest you by a nice long bow. Or an even more efficient weapon for barraging damage I would go with a reapeating crossbow. As Memento Mori said along spear and katana would surely look awesome if you were slaying the undead. Napalm and bombs don't suit me though, I would like to have fun fisrt. (Bombs incase for emegencies)

    I would preffer a claymore although it would require high strength for wielding, but I'm sure as time passes strength won't be paroblem.

    Use flaming arrows for maximum penetrating damage. A good fort with electric wiring and electric defenses would also be of much use. It would also be nifty if you had easy access to a supply store with food and clothing and all that good stuff. You could always surround your whole house with protection and grow your own food.

    But really play more zombie video games eventhough they don't have realistic and dire situations which could be seen in real life. It's good practice just in case, no?

    Crowbars..... I would gladly hit it with a crowbar, although they won't be of much use though unless they were burning hot or the crow bars exploded upon impact.

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    • help with penatration.
      9. How easly can you find enough electricity to power a electric fense or anything for that matter.
      10. I don't....your english...I ... Ok well anyway a crowbar is a good blunt object heating it up or making it stupid.

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    Weapon Choices? One of my dad's tool belts with a hammer in the holder, a pocket knife, a small first aid kit, a hachet and a couple bottles of water. Hideouts? A secret spot in the woods across the a small river and near a moutian. Car choices? A trusty Chevy truck with a metal rack to wield some metal grates or tie down some heavy tarp on it as a mobile base. Cover the wheels wit a metal grates and the windows with thin metal bars. I may cut up the cover over the motor and make it more easly ventable. Stripping any excess weight is also a nesscity. I might just replace the seats and deck, maybe even remove the roof and use some heavy tarp. Friends? That's what the armored truck is for I'm gonna hunt down my friends and put them in my tuck. and maybe get a bus and armor that up later.

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    First order of business would be to break out the my PTR 91 carbine and Springfield XD(M) pistol and ensure the magazines are prepped and accessable. Secondly I need to secure my apartment building by destroying the 2 staircases leading up to the 2nd floor. Rig rope ladders for access to the ground. Ensure there is plenty of fresh water (stored in bottles, clean milk jugs, and a large supply in the bathtubs) and food available given that power and water may or may not shut down as zombies overrun society. Get out the survival packs to include excess ammunition (at least 500 rounds), iodine tablets (for water purification), crowbar (melee weapon + its normal uses), canned/packaged food, swiss army knife, water, small selection of hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, bolt cutters, etc), 2 sets extra clothes, flashlights, batteries, military entrenching tool, compass, weapons cleaning kit, small toiletry kit, and a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide as a reference. Armor is unnescesary except for heavy duty clothes that can't be bitten through easily. Other than that its just a heavy waste of energy. Lay low for a while I wait until A) the situation comes under control and life goes on, B) the initial craziness dies down. In case of B we would head south to the coast (short trip from here) and try to get to one of the islands off the Florida coast. After we got there we could destroy access to the mainland and do a thourough sweep of the island for zombies. From then we use fishing supplies and water purification kits to survive indefinately. The end.

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    If you have the physical strength to cause enough blunt-force trauma to the head with a crowbar to fell a zombie, and the maneuverability to engage in close-range combat with zombies without getting bitten, then a crowbar is a logical choice.

    If not, I would recommend something with a little more range, like a bow and arrow or a spear (the latter of which could be easily homemade). If that's not an option then you might want to consider either learning to run very fast for long distances or find someone who has weapons to hang around.

    Otherwise, get a gun.

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    I hate it when people say that a crowbar is a god like weapon in the zombie apocolypse. A good weapon is any weapon you feel comfortable with. A crowbar is heavy and weighs your pack down and is hard to holster in your pack or waist. A good weapon I believe is a modified working hammer. With a landyard a type, thinner metal head and increase the lenght of the handle and tang. Painting over the metal or a dark bluing of the steel or titanium would help it in covert circumstances. Again choose a weapon that fits your style of fighting and feels most comfortable to you.

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    I'm glad I found this question before they found you, definitely not.

    You couldn't even fight Dick Cheney with a crowbar. You want a weapon that will keep you further from the enemy or has much more power if you are going to be outnumbered. A katana or a spear would be preferable, but even still that's a little close for comfort. A blunt weapon like a crowbar would only allow you to knock a few zombies down at best, but they'd pile up around you and you'd be quickly outnumbered.

    Let me reflect on this question...

    Homemade explosives and booby traps are where it is at my friend. You could make 10 gallons of napalm for about $20, so I'm sure you could heavily fortify the rear of the house using any and all furniture possible. Block all doors and windows completely, do this to the front windows as well but leave the front door alone. Every good fort needs a weakness to funnel in the enemies, and when they come you'll be able to throw everything at them. The bodies will stack so quickly that they will be severely slowed, and don't use more napalm than necessary cause it leaves a smell.

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    Yes, I think it would be a pretty fair weapon for close in work. It's heavy for smashing in the skulls. You can also take the straight end and jam it really hard in the face and into the brain.

    The only thing I dislike about it is you are really close. If you miss, the zombie can grab you.

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