I got a legal question regarding Tinted Windows on a car?

I'm from Chicago and got my car windows tinted like five years ago when there was no fine or punishment regarding tinted windows. After the first of the year they enforced a new law that the drivers windows cannot be tinted and if they are you have to scratch the tint off in front of the police officer and may recieve a ticket. Since I got my windows tinted before the law went into effect can I plead "Ex Post Facto"?

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    No, since they did not write the law for you. What you need to look for is a Grandfather Clause that lets those who had it legally, get to keep it legally.

    Edit: No, TD, it is so the police can see the driver.

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    Ex Post Facto (which translates to "after the fact") does not apply. It would prevent writing tickets to people that had window tint prior to the law being written, but have complied since the law was passed.

    For example, if the drinking age was raised from 21 to 25 today, officers could not ticket a 21 year old they saw drinking yesterday. They could, however, ticket him if they saw him drinking tomorrow.

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  • 4 years ago

    I own a car and just got five windows tinted it was around $180-200. Plus the front two could not go lower than 35% while the others in the back have no limit.

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    Often they will "grandfather" existing cars due to the expense everyone with that extra tinting would face. Its best that you look up the law in Chicago or ask the police.

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    im not sure, but im guessing the reason for the law is based on safety and the ability of the driver to see outside his vehicle. that being the issue, i would assume when the windows were tinted is of little importance....all tinted windows would be in violation.

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    Why would they not give you a ticket? That is money in the bank for the city. They do not care about what you paid or that it was done before the law changed. They only care about taking your money! They have no sympathy for you!

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