Is it bad to dry fire an airsoft gun?

I was wondering if it was bad for the airsoft gun if you dry fire it. It didn't make sense that it would be, in my opinion. If it is bad for it, explain how please.

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    no it doesn't hurt it. but what some people think is that your hurting your internals. but your going to wear out your internals anyway by pressing the trigger but no it doesn't really hurt it. i think its still going to be the same if you dry fire or shoot bb's out.

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    No there is no damage done to dry fireing, even regular guns can be dry fired as long as you don't do it over and over and over and again. Airsoft use springs or air to push the round out of the camber where as real guns use a primer and that stops the pin from coming out and lots of people say dry fireing a real gun can hurt the fireing pin doing it every now and then won't do any damage especially on newer guns, I never buy a gun without dry fireing it, make sure it works ;-P.

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  • 6 years ago

    Even with a bb or no bb in the gun it weakens the airsoft gun operations, with a bb in the chamber it doesn't do as much damage as no bbs in the gun chamber.

  • 1 decade ago

    Basicly the only bad thing about dryfiring a airsoft gun is unneeded stress on the internals, but its no different than firing a bb out of it.

    Save the firing for bb's.

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    1 decade ago

    if it is spring or electic-YES

    spring and electric guns are both piston powered.

    when there is a bb loaded in the barrel, the piston compresses the air behing the bb, slowing down the pistons speed so when it hits the end of the cylinder it isnt going to fast.

    when there is no bb the piston flies forward hitting the front of the cylinder quite hard, on weak plastic spring or electric guns this may cause the cylinder to crack ruining the gun.

  • 7 years ago

    Don't dry fire Aeg's repeatably in rapid succession . Green gas operated airsoft doesn't have a problem with it as much as c02.

    C02 ones again follow the aeg rule but at the same time most are manufactured with the understanding that eventually ammo runs out and dry fire sometimes cannot be helped.

    Springers to my knowledge don't suffer tooo much damage as a result if you keep them well lubricated.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nah dont think so, i have an electric one, a co2 powered one, and a spring one, always dry fire them and they still work perfectly

  • paul
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    4 years ago

    thx for the replies, much appreciated.

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