Where can I find Detailed book notes for Things Not Seen?

I have homework to do for the book Things Not Seen in English and I'm behind in the reading but I don't have the book. Where can I find fairly detailed book notes by chapter? (or at least up to chapter 7?)

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    Plot Summary of Things Not Seen

    "For fifteen-year-old Bobby Phillips, "being ignored" takes on a whole new meaning when he wakes up one morning and discovers he's become invisible! After convincing his parents he still exists, Bobby is forced to remain at home and keep his "condition" a secret. When his parents are in a car accident that leaves them hospitalized, however, Bobby journeys outside and winds up in the library. There he meets Alicia Van Dorn, a blind girl, with whom he eventually confides his secret.

    Unfortunately, when Bobby's parents are released from the hospital, Bobby's continued absence prompts the State Department to investigate his disappearance. Alarmed that his condition might land his parents in jail, Bobby considers revealing himself to the world, but his parents stop him. Ultimately, to save Bobby's family and reclaim his life, Bobby and Alicia launch an investigation of their own, eventually discovering the truth behind Bobby's invisibility and a possible solution to his problem.


    Michael Jung, Resident Scholar

    "At first it seems like any other Tuesday. Throwing off his electric blanket, fifteen-year-old Bobby stumbles to the bathroom to shower. When he wipes the fog off the mirror to comb his hair he notices something is missing which is him. Bobby quickly finds out that the reality of being invisible is quite different from what is portrayed in movies and books. Only his mother and father can know and that means not school, not friends, no one. Not only is Bobby invisible, but he also is alone. His mother and father approach his new condition as they approach everything else in life. His physicist father attempts to dissect the problem as he would any other scientific anomaly, whereas Bobby's mother is likely to smother him with attention and orders. To his advantage it is winter so no one seems to notice when he escapes to the library covered by layers of clothing. Once there, he strips down and proceeds to stroll silently through the library until he meets Alicia, the one person who will not notice that he is invisible. It is because she is blind. Through Alicia Bobby learns that there is something worse than being invisible, and that is being made to feel invisible. Together they help each other work through their situations to find friendship and a new strength that they did not realize they possessed."

    Cory Miller, Resident Scholar

    Review Analysis of Things Not Seen

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    Composition of Book

    Descript. of chases or violence - 10%

    planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives - 30%

    Feelings, relationships, character bio/development - 50%

    Descript. of society, phenomena (tech), places - 10%


    Tone of book - suspenseful (sophisticated fear)

    FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION? - fantasy story on current Earth

    Mental/magical powers focus Yes

    magical powers: - invisibility (scifi)

    Main Character

    Identity: - Male

    Profession/status: - student

    Age: - a teen

    Has magical/special powers? Yes

    Magical/mental powers of main character: - Invisibility

    Eccentric: Yes

    Is this an ordinary person caught up in events? Yes

    How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others' feelings - middling sensitive to others' feelings

    Sense of humor - Cynical sense of humor - Mostly serious with occasional humor

    Intelligence - Average intelligence - Smarter than most other characters

    Physique - average physique

    Main Adversary

    Identity: - none - society

    How much of work is main antagonist actually present in: - a lot


    Earth setting: - 20th century

    Takes place on Earth? Yes


    Person? - mostly 1st

    Accounts of torture and death? - no torture/death

    scientific jargon? (SF only) - some scientific explanation - a fair amount of scientific explanation

    How much dialogue? - significantly more dialog than descript - roughly even amounts of descript and dialog

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    Where can I find Detailed book notes for Things Not Seen?

    I have homework to do for the book Things Not Seen in English and I'm behind in the reading but I don't have the book. Where can I find fairly detailed book notes by chapter? (or at least up to chapter 7?)

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    i read this book last year so i hope i can remember here's gos nothing i felt sad when the other girl who was invisible didn't want to be visible again. Because who wouldn't want to be visible? it would suck to be invisible because people would think you are dead or something. The fact that Bobby actually made himself visible again by using the electric blanket again was kind of unrealistic. I mean what are the chances of him being invisible in the first place, and what are the chances of him becoming visible again using the same thing that made him invisible. I wonder why it got so serious that bobby "wasn't at home" (he was actually at home the whole time just invisible so no one ever saw him) that the police had to come and search the Phillip household. Even though Mr and Mrs. Phillips had said that Bobby was in Florida with his relative. That's all the info I can give you hope it helps!!!! Good luck on ur quiz!!! i dont have the book with me so this might not be perfectly accurate but i hope its close enough!

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