how would living in Colombia influence overall health lifestyle?

how does its location impact culture

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    The fact that Colombia is located in South-America brings up to the table several costumes practiced all among Latin-American countries such as: Salsa dancing, particular food plates, Hispanic colloquialisms and even political tendencies.

    Colombia in particular offers a variate environment that could potentially influence any individual within its location.

    As a Colombian, I feel I'm able to approach this question from 3 different angles:

    - Psychologically: Due to climate conditions the mood of the population in general may be seem and interpreted as "good" and "positive" among all Colombians, despite of the civil war that is being fought since mid 1950's. However, this civil war has consequences in peoples lives as well provoking people to either become more violent within the environment or to become "colder" at violent situations; meaning that they may not care too much about situations that in North America or Europe are seem as "Tragedies".

    - Medically: Due to exposure to rough environments among poor population some Colombians may seem healthier than other populations in developed countries however, poverty circumstances may drive them to mortal situations.

    - Financially: Majority of Colombians don't get fair salaries or any kind of help from the Colombian government, however there is a part of population denominated the "elite" which owns a major part of the country lands and literally controls the economy directly. This kind of populations often travel overseas trying to show Colombia through their eyes while the other 80% suffers with no voice to represent them.

    I hope this give you a better picture of Colombia.


    A Colombian living in Canada, BTW I was part of that 80%, and I'm proud of it!

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    Dodging bullets constantly keeps you very agile . And being dirt poor keeps you slim .

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    Wrong section, girlfriend.

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    is that in europe?

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