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Why do I have to change my MSN ID? How do I change it?

Why do I have to change my MSN ID? How do I change it?

Just now I signed in my MSN messenger and it did sign in sucessfully. But there was a message poped up in a convo box. It said this:

Important service announcement: As part of a recent system enhancement, we need you to change your e-mail address to continue signing in to the Windows Live(TM) Messenger Service.

To ensure that your access is not blocked and to learn more, go to

I clicked it, and it said "change you're password" on a link. I clicked it, but it said that I can't change my ID right now.

Why is this happening? Why do I have to change my msn ID? Infact, on my other account said the same thing! What's happening? But I asked my friends, they said to leave it alone.

I don't mind changing the ID but I just wanna know why I have to and why I can't change it. Thanks for helping

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    A lot of people got it.

    The address seems fairly legit,

    I hope the MSN team will see the problem

    and clarify the situation.

  • I got the same message.WLM signed me out,and when I tried signing back in,I got that message as well.

    I won't click the link,tho,as it sounds virus-y,like someone posing as the WLM team.

    This is definitely some sort of scam,as you can still send messages even when it will not let you sign in,and you still see when a friend signs in.

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    Thats exactly the same as me! Just letting you know we're in the same boat, lets hope someone helps! :(

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    Smells like a phishing scam to me. Don't change it.

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    It was a screw up... Don't do anything, just ignore it... check their blog

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