How long did the czars rule in Russia?

Please answer soon (and accurately) Its for a take home test for social studies and we are supposed to look this one up on the internet. Sadly I cannot find it but I would be very happy if someone who knows would answer.

Thank you in advance.


Im stuck on another question as well: Where were the nomads, who resided in the Russian steppes around or before 1206, from? Thanks if you know the answer to this one as well. The first person who answers BOTH questions is guaranteed best answer.

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    The Czars ruled from the foundation of Russia until 1918, when the last czar family was murdered.

    As for your other question try the following website. It lists out various nomads in the Russian Steppe.

    Good luck

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    Easy question. The first tsar was Ivan the Terrible and the last tsar was Nicholas II. The nomads, well, either you're talking about the Slavs or the vikings called the Rus (the red-headed people).

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