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Okay, so I'm bored. It's like a competition! This will be fun!

The following situations are "battles" between some of today's most popular fictional characters. Who, in your opinion would prove victorious? Keep in mind all factors such as powers (if applicable), attitude, fan base, and all-around awesomeness.


1. Edward Cullen (Twilight) vs. Eragon Shadeslayer (Inheritance Cycle)

Edward had supernatural vampy powers, Eragon has magic and a sword. Not to mention a dragon. Could Edward win this just with a fanbase?

2. Let's pit Harry Potter (HP series) vs. Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia).

One's the world's most famous wizard, one's the world's most famous god-like supernatural talking lion. What would happen?

3. ...And why not an evil character battle? Lord Voldemort (HP series) vs. Darth Vader (Star Wars, yes I know it's not a book)

Will the dark side triumph over the... dark side?

4. FOUR-WAY TEAM FIGHT!!!! the Volturi (Twilight series) vs. The Order of the Phoenix (HP series) vs. The Flock (Maximum Ride series) vs. The Sharks and the Jets from the musical West Side Story. No, I have no idea why I threw that last one in. Creepy magical vampires, good-natured motley crue of powerful wizards, a pack of mutant flying bird-kids with powers or dancing New York street gangs?


I truly haven't the slightest idea why I included the West Side Story dudes in battle 4 because Tony and his buddies would get their butts killed in 2 seconds flat.

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    1. Ed could win just on fanbase. Even if Eragon manages to slay him, his fanbase would avenge Sparkle's death and then claim victory for the vamp.

    2. Aslan is pretty awesome. He's all liony awesome. And Harry, has a problem with violence. I think he'd try and form a truce with Aslan, and then when they went to shake on it, Harry-dizzle would get scared by Aslan's awesome Lionness and Avada Kevada him on the spot. So Harry would win just because he's a bit of a wuss.

    3. Voldy has magic, but Darth Vader has the force. I think that Darth Vader would use the force to make Voldemort to dissolve into tiny particles. But then Voldy, being awesome, would manage to get his particles absorbed into Darth Vader's blood stream and destroy him from the inside. Then he'd get his minons to stick him back together with stickytape (cellotape). Voldemort would win this round.

    4. I don't kknow Maximum ride.

    So I'd make this a three way fight. I don't think the rumbling street gangs would be able to defeat anyone. Unless they caused the Volturi to split their sides by laughing and then the Order of the Phoenix brought dragons to burn them up. So now with the Volturi taken care of it's the Order vs the West Side. I was in this musical in high school. I was a jet, and when you're a jet you're a jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day. oohh... maybe the Jet's could have ignited the Volturi using their cigarettes... Anyway...

    The Order has magic. All the West Side dudes have is a couple of knifes and some hella cool dance moves. Unless they used some of their high kicks to kick the wands out

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    1. If the fan base is allowed to intercede then Edward, otherwise Eragon. C'mon, Eragon has a dragon. I bet vamps are right tasty to dragons.

    2. tough call. Good thing Aslan isn't a snake because Harry could just charm him with possil(sp?) tounge. Aslan would win but Harry would put up a good fight.

    3. This one would be a tie. Lord Voldemort could take possession of Lord Vader and together they would become the most evil being in the universe.

    4. This is the reason I answered this post. I have visions of a cage match ala MTV's claymation show "Celebrity DeathMatch" (anyone remember the scifi special? XFiles vs. Men in Black? Celine Dion is really an alien?) Any way, I could see the Sharks & Jets dancing about the cage creating a distraction. I actually think they'd last a while because no one would view them as a threat, then the winner would dispatch with them. Creepy magical vampires FTW and the dancing street gang becomes the victory snack.

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    1. Eragon. Sorry, Edward. Saphira would eat you.

    2. Aslan. Though I love HP, Aslan has god-like powers, which would beat Harry's wand.

    3. Voldemort. Lightsaber vs. Avada Kedavra? Poor Vader wouldn't have a chance.

    4. Order of the Phoenix. The Volturi would put up a good fight, but wouldn't be able to get past shield charms and hexes. The Flock and the West Side Story dudes would go down in the first round.

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    1. Eragon, all the way! Saphira is way more destructive than Edward. The Eragon/Saphira team are also way cooler.

    2. Tough...I'd say Aslan. He's supposed to be an allusion to the Christian God or something...but then again, I've heard the same about Mr. Potter. Guess everything's a God story.

    3. Darth Vader. The Star Wars fanbase is just way cooler because it's so old. Vader pwns.

    4. I'm not sure what half of them are, so I'll go with whatever the majority says at this point!

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    1. Eragon Shadeslayer because Edward Cullen is a abusive sissy who sparkles. Not even his fanbase can help him. :]

    2. Harry would shoot feathers from his wand, blinding Aslan and then poke him in the eyes with his fingers just to have them bitten by the fierce huggable lion. TIE!!

    3. The two will have dinner, take about their love lives and then fight to the death. Lord Voldemort would win but then Harry will kill him. mwahaha.

    4. The Flock would kick all their butts because they're awesome. Especially Fang <3. The Order of the Phoenix will be in 2nd place, The Sharks and the Jets in 3rd with the vampire wannabe's in 4th. hehe.

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    1) edward cullen to the end!!!!!!!! vampy powers over a sword any day!

    2) hmmm..have to say Aslan buddy.

    3) Voldemort pretty much rules all of evil :)

    4) ahhh...this is a tough one. In my opinion two will emerge victorious. Volturi and the my fav flying mutant teens, The Flock!

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    1. Probably Edward because older and smarter. He so fast and strong and smart so he would take Eragon out before he could think of how to kill him. So the fast mind would win this battle.

    2. Harry. Definitely. He has magic. He knows the killing spell.

    3. This one is tricky. Probably Voldemort because he could just use the killing curse. Unless Darth Vader used the force to take his wand away... so whichever one thinks quicker. i would bet on voldemort.

    4. Well I don't know The Flock but between the other 3, the volturi. Like before, they would have everyone killed before they thought anything through. Or if the guard is included, Alec could just take away their senses then it would be a hands-down victory!

  • 1. Edward

    2. Harry Potter (I love you Aslan!)

    3. Darth Vader

    4. The Flock!!!

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    Battle START!

    1) Vampires can't fly. And they burn. So do fangirls. Eragon and Sapphira win.

    2) Aslan, because he's metaphorically God.

    3) Voldy, lightsabers can't block spells.

    4) Err.. let's say Volturi vs the Order. Order wins. Magic > sparkly vampires. It would be too easy.

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    1. Edward, based on ability and fanbase.

    2. Have to say Aslan. He created Narnia. (Not to put down Harry's epic achievements.)

    3. Voldy all the way. Based on fans and all-around awesomeness.

    4. Order of the Phoenix. Based on fans, awesomeness, attitude, and personal preference.

    @Beth- I don't know. Could Sapphira eat a rock?

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