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i was thinking about getting a bunny?

so i was thinking about getting a bunny. i have never owned one but the man said we are on his list for when they are ready to be separated. what do i need and do they make good pets?

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    Rabbits are great pets however it depends on which breed of rabbit you are looking for. I own English Lops known as king of the fancy in the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and they truely have the greatest personalities. Any rabbit can have a great attitude and make an awesome pet as long as you spend a lot of time with it. If you have small children, please make sure they know how to pick up a rabbit the correct way as their kidneys are located on top of their backs, and can easily be popped. Within 12 hours it leads to death. You will need a cage, and the size will depend on how big your new friend will get, make sure to ask the breeder. a water bowl, feed bowl, maybe some little toys for playing with. some hay (timothy or bermuda) from time to time and you will need to give your bunny lots of TLC!! some toys i suggest are pine-cones to help with their teeth. they can chew them and are extreamlly harmless, empty coke cans, make sure to check for sharp edges. and never never give it anything from the cabbage family. Rabbits do not digest it. after about 6 months of age you can give little treats like fruits and veggies, and grass, but not to much. It will upset its tummy!! I hope some of the information I have provided you helps!! GOOD LUCK!!

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    Well, I once owned 24 rabbits becuase we had two, and ,well, the pet store told us the wrong gender for one, and well, the multiplied. So:

    1# If you are getting more than one MAKE SURE they are the same gender.

    2# They eat everything - if you plan on letting it outside make sure that you dont have any plants that you dont wont eaten.

    3# In terms of food, they particulary enjoy lettuce and carrots

    4# Rabbits prefer the long kind of carrots, not the small, short ones (also, the longer ones cost less)

    5# They make wonderful pets, and I hope things go well for you!

    Hope this helps!

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    Rabbits make very good pets. I breed them for 4-H and just for fun! Rabbits are great listeners and understand your problems! LOL. Have a cage big enough for your breed of rabbit and I suggest you keep him/her on whatever food he/she is used to. If they are alone, go to your local pet store and get some toys for them... yeah rabbits have toys! If you intend to show your rabbit, I was told to give them water in a bowl because a bottle messes up show rabbits teeth(not majorly, but enough to get the judges going) And if not, a bottle is perfectle fine. Rabbits need lots of love and attention to be tame. Once they are tame, spend a lot of time holding and talking to them so they stay that way. I wish the best to you and your bunnie/bunnies!

    Source(s): Rabbit Breeder and Owner.17 rabbits of my own
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    I have had rabbits several times throughout my life, and I believe them to be wonderful pets. Here are some things that you should be prepared to do when getting a rabbit:

    • make sure it is the breed that you want. There are differences among personality in breed. The breed that I personally find to be the most affectionate are the Lop - eared rabbits. My rabbits have been Holland Lops.

    • be sure to set time aside every day to commit to your rabbit. Without daily affection and care, rabbits can turn into animals that hold quite a grudge.

    • make sure your rabbit has a space to run around. A rabbit confined to a cage is not a happy rabbit. Rabbits need regular exercise just like any other pet.

    • when you let your rabbit out of its cage, keep in mind that they enjoy chewing on electrical wiring and carpeting. Be prepared to face some damages to your home. Make sure all electrical wiring is up and out of your rabbit's reach.

    • I recommend getting a MALE rabbit. Male rabbits are more affectionate than female rabbits, as long as they are fixed. If you do not fix your male rabbit, you will find him marking his territory throughout your house and even on you. Male rabbits (if not fixed) also have a tendency to nibble on you.

    • also, here is a great website to help you understand your rabbit and what he/she is trying to communicate.

    Best of Wishes

    & much love to your new member of the family


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    You need a cage of course, and its best if you get the beginners package. Personally i think they are a LOT of work, but in a way it is worth it. They are smart, you can teach them how to use the litter box to lessen the work. They are fun, some are very hyper others like to be held and would sleep with you. So it all depends on the personality of your new rabbit.

    Source(s): Owner/ Mommy or a Hotot and a New Zealand White
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    Bunny's live 10 yrs - are you ready for that committment? They need to be exercised every day (not left in their cage) they also love to chew electric cords, so you'll have to get covers for all your cords. 80% of bunnies end up in shelters or turned loose (and quickly die) because owners get tired of the hassle. Bunnies need to be 'fixed' too, or their health suffers. Are you sure you want one?

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    They are A LOT of work and need a lot of love and attention. It is a big commitment, make sure you are ready. Also, they can have teeth issues if they don't eat or chew the right things and the right amount--can cost over $1000 to fix their teeth or they die.

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    My sister has 2 rabbits, they are easy to take care of. But before you let them run free in your yard or house,etc. Let them get used to you first. They are hard to catch. lol

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    eh.. there cute but there quet a handful&pretty much do noting..

    you have to have a cage big enough for it,its food,water feeder,a litter box for its cage.....alot:)

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    dont get bunny

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