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What is the greatest NFL folly of all time?

I'd go with Jim Marshall going the wrong way in 64.

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    I agree with you on Jim Marshall. The latest folly has to go to rookie DeSean Jackson. He caught a ball for an easy gaurenteed TD when he threw the ball behind him just before he crossed the endzone and started his TD celebration. Of course, he did not get the TD and the ball was down at the 1 yard line.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

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    Garo Yepremain in Super Bowl VII. This is by far the most comical play ever. Garo acted like a quarterback and nearly blew the game. If he made that field goal the Dolphins would have won 17-0 and finished 17-0. What an irony.

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    Miracle at the Meadowlands, when Joe Pisarcik tried to hand the ball off to Larry Csonka fumbled and Herman Edwards picked it up and ran in for a TD.

    The Holy roller, although it was clear that Stabler threw the ball underhand, it was called a fumble. Dave Casper purposely kicked the ball into the end-zone and recovered it himself for a winning TD.

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    Leon Lett #2. Touches and fumbles a failed field goal in the snow and handing to opponent a Thanksgiving day win.

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    what track and field guy did the 49'ers make into a WR? Nehemia or something? He ran fast as hell but couldn't catch or take a hit!! That was a folly.

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    Rae Caruth shooting his baby's momma, or OJ robbing those people in a hotel room. On the field, it's Leon Lett after a blocked kick, twice.

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    The Lions letting Matt Millen pretend to be an NFL GM for so many years...

    Source(s): Drafting WR after WR in the first round...
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    Either Marshall, or Joe Pisarcik and the fumbled handoff. i forget who returned it for a TD, it was either Tony Dungy or Herm Edwards, i think.

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    i don't know about all time, but when plax was a rookie with the steelers, he caught the ball then fell down, got up and spiked the ball to celebrate his catch. problem was, nobody touched him, and when he spiked it, he basically fumbled it away. he was thinking of college ball where once you're down, you're down, regardless of if you're touched or not. duh! i believe another steeler was able to recover the ball, and i remember the guys on the sideline laughing their asses off. cowher wasn't too pleased but he did crack a slight smile over it. that was pretty damn funny though. nobody ever said he was smart.

  • I'd agree, Marshall was off to the races and no one chased him... They didn't need to!

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