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Has anyone heard aboug an internet company called Multiconcept Group Inc. and if it is real or a scam?

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    Anyone who approaches me without having been invited is "block sender."

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    Here's the real story on this 'Scam' from the Bottom Line Personal, Volume 30, Number 9 of May 1, 2009. In summary:

    This is a payment-processing scam. Your "job" is to forward money to an overseas employer, keeping a small percentage for yourself as compensation. The fake employer might explain that hiring an American payment-processing representative has legal or tax advantages...or that sending money to a domestic address is more convenient for the firm's customers.

    The job goes smoothly for a few weeks or months- until the police show up at your door because your fake employer's customers have never received their orders. By using YOU to send payments, the THIEF was able to supply a domestic address for payments, which increases buyer's trust. You could be sued or prosecuted. Prosecution is unlikely, assuming the police believe you were an innocent pawn in the deception, but a civil lawsuit against you requires only that you failed to use "reasonable care" concerning the whole process.

    I trust this helps!

    Source(s): Bottom Line Personal, Volume 30, Number 9, May 1, 2009
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    Listen, I am so glad that I am a wiser consumer.

    Had I not taken the time to check on this alleged "scam" group, I would have replied. I was looking for an easy way to earn an income from home. But based on what I have read from individuals who did their homework and research the integrity of this firm, I am deleting this email. Don't waste your valuable time.

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    I got an email too, identical and trying to do research as well.

    Update: Did more research and all evidence is coming back very shady.

    Here is what I found.....

    First, original email received:

    Dear Jeremy M***,

    Firstly, let me introduce myself – Gia Smith, official representative of

    Multiconcept Group Inc.

    We were lucky to find your resume at! After careful resume reviewing

    I'm glad to propose you a FINANCIAL AGENT position.

    Few words about Multiconcept Group. Our company was founded in the USA.

    For a long time we have been dealing with financial services like escrow for

    buyers and sellers at online auctions. Our business is also connected with,,

    Our Company offers part-time job with a great flexible schedule. Work only 2-3

    hours a day (Mon- Fri) from your home! Requirements: Internet access and e-mail.

    It's a real job so no need to invest your own money to apply! All fees related

    to this employment opportunity are covered by the company.

    We offer trial period (30 days). During this period you will be trained by our

    specialists, while working and being paid. Contract termination can be

    recommended by supervisor, during or after test period.

    Base salary is $2,300 per month + 8% commission from every payment processed.

    So, you have an opportunity to earn $4000+ even during your first month of


    After the trial period:

    - monthly salary will be increased up to $3k + commission.

    - you may ask for additional hours or full-time job.

    If you are interested in financial agent vacancy, please fill in the form below

    and email to:


    First name:_______________________

    Last name:_________________________

    Country of residence:______________________

    Contact phone:_______________________

    Preferred call time:______________________


    Our personnel managers will reply within 48 hours.

    We found your resume at This letter confirms that your resume

    has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirements for

    Financial Manager vacancy.

    Yours faithfully,

    Gia Smith

    The email I received had an IP address that I traced back to:


    IP Address:

    Location: Iran, Islamic Republic Of

    The website came back with this registered information:


    Registrar: BIZCN.COM, INC.

    Whois Server:

    Referral URL:

    Name Server: NS1.PARTY-REUNITE.CC




    Updated Date: 19-mar-2009

    Creation Date: 14-mar-2009

    Expiration Date: 14-mar-2010

    As you can see, its domain was just created less than a month ago.

    The hosting company is an asian-based company with a website in a foriegn language.

    My last researched item was the business address:

    1301 Race St.,

    Penn, PA 19107

    That address in the beautiful....

    Hampton Inn Philadelphia Center City-Convention Center

    1301 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19107

    Tel: +1-215-665-9100 Fax: +1-215-665-9200

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    Sorry pal, delete with extreme predjudice. You'd get a phone call, or a more professional E-Mail. I got the exact same message (only they claimed to be a financial institution) and deleted. While 4K a month isn't amazing, it's still way to much for a sight unseen job offer. Also, the only info the should be asking for via e-mail is your resume.

    If something feels really shady AND is way too good to be true, it most definately is. Also - be careful with your phone number, you may start getting calls for "educational assistance" aka telemarketers.

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    I haven't read anything but i do know this much, anyone that is professional will not have a gmail account. Also in my email it states that i would be paid 2300 USD. Which tells me this is also a scam. You should try running a header check on it. Odds are that it is coming from Africa somewhere or that it is coming from the UK. It reeks of scammer.

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    They have just pulled money out of my checking account. They have changed their modus operendi since 2007. I think I have caught them in the nick of time. They just pulled out a small amount from my check acct. They are now being watched. There is a strong link to the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties. Watch where you use your debit and credit cards. Usually I don't get nabbed but they are moving all over Pennsylvania. Beware of your surrounding at all times.

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    just rec'd email from them ("saw your resume ..."). checked out their website, too. (you) read it carefully! i don't know about you, but the "language" of their "About the Company" is all wrong. it SOUNDS as if it was written by a person who is NOT well versed in english grammar. have you ever read some of the nigerian scam offers? this might not be nigerian, but i will tell you this: if this is truly a legitimate company, they would have had someone more literate than whoever wrote that piece.

    good luck . . .

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    Wow, I just got one of there e-mails today. They have cleaned up their grammar, etc., so I googled Multiconcept Group Company, and Yahoo Answers is all that showed up. Not a good sign!!

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    I just received email from them too. It's really suspicious since they ask for your bank account and you're right their english doesn't sound professional. It does sound like one of those nigerian scam.

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