Taylor Swift songs & albums?

what album is the song crazier on by taylor swift?

What other albums does taylor swift have? other than..

fearless, souns of the seasons, Taylor swift?

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    1 decade ago
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    crazier isn't on any of taylor swift's albums. even thought it's by taylor swift it was in the hannah montana movie, and so the only place you can find it is on the hannah montana: the movie soundtrack.

    As for albums by taylor swift:::

    -Taylor Swift

    -Sounds of the Seasons


    -iTunes Live From Soho -Love Story (Pop Mix) - Single

    -You're Not Sorry (CSI Remix) - Single

    -Beautiful Eyes - Single (this is NOT availible on itunes, it was sold at walmart. you can also find the song online/limewire)

    -iTunes Live From Soho (itunes does this thing where they record a concert from this place in soho -- they have one of taylor swift singing from soho. this has taylor singing a few of her songs live, and also her singing umbrella by rihanna. they have itunes live from soho albums by a lot of other artists as well)

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    Crazier will be in the Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack Album. She only has 2 albums: the Taylor Swift debut album, and Fearless

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    Crazier isn't on a taylor swift cd she has 3 cd's. taylor swift, beautiful eyes (only available at walmart) and fearless

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    Taylor Swift has 5 albums. Visit this site: http://www.mp3fiesta.com/taylor_swift_artist16219/

    They're all posted there.

    I'm not sure which album that song is on though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can find it on the hannah montana movie

    and i dont think she has anymore than those albums.

    Hope I helped!! =]

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    i love to go here it has everything you want to know about her


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