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Does Japan have capability to "repel" North Korea attack?

Does Japan have the ability to repel an attack by the North Korea until we come to their rescue?

Do they have the military capability to launch a counter attack or defend themselves until we get there?

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    I can't believe only one poster has mentioned that N. Korea doesn't have the means to even reach Japan en masse. You can put every man in your country in the Reserves and call them an Army if you want. You can also send every fishing boat you have across the sea to Japan, but that doesn't make it an amphibious assaut. Amphibious assaults are one of the most risky and resource consuming types of attacks. There is no way N Korea has the industrial capability to mount an effective amphibious assault against Japan. If they were to try, the Self Defense Forces would just line up on the coast with heavy machine guns and take turns hosing the invading rafts.

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    North Korea does not have the ability to launch an attack that Japan would need to repel.

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    Hi There,

    Lets start with the facts with The Japan self defense force.

    The JSDF numbered 239,430 in 2005 with 147,737 in the Ground Self-Defense Force, 44,327 in the Maritime Self-Defense Force, 45,517 in the Air Self-Defense Force, and 1,849 in the Joint Staff Office. Reserves numbered 57,899.

    North Korea is the most militarised country in the world today, having the fourth largest standing army in the world, at an estimated 1.1 million armed personnel, with about 20% of men ages 17-54 in the regular armed forces.It also has the Worker-Peasant Red Guard, a reserve force comprising 3.5m+ (IISS), 3.8m (USMC) or 4.7m (State Department) militia. It operates an enormous network of military facilities scattered around the country, a large weapons production basis, and an extremely dense air defence system.North Korea does spend a lot on the military every year.

    We must be aware that the JSDF was started by Mac Arthur and one of their basic tenets is self defense and not invasion. So I am sure that Japan will not attack, but is authorized to defend.

    Japan does have a lot of new age technology as opposed to the near obsolete North Koreans.

    Let us assume the following scenario, If the People's republic of Korea attack Japan, there is a possibility that large American and ROC troops in South Korea may neutralize the onslaught. Japan will be in a position to defend, but perhaps not, in an event of a nuclear attack (we are aware of the harmful effects of radiation / heat on humans / life and the knocking out of microchips because of emp's)

    The real worry is the People's Republic of China, they are quite large, have a modernized defense system and therefore history shall be repeated again. I am confident that the USA / allies (or under the guise of the UN) will not let that mistake happen again and therefore end the conflict faster.

    But in my views japan definitely cannot resist the onslaught by itself.

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    First, North Korea has no way land troops on Japan. Secondly, the attack would go through South Korea, which has one of the world's more capable militaries.

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    We, South Korean, do not difficulty approximately no count number if we've the means to guard the attack from the North. no count number what the conflict difficulty, we coulddrive the attacking North Korea returned, properly, even perish their regime interior the final. Japan? not extra words choose. yet, we purely difficulty relating to the broken peace and bothering fellow-up measures. North Korea has been constantly the variety of bluffing boaster.contained in relation to conflict between the two Korea, time constantly, little question, could be for the South Korea and Japan. as quickly as they pull their set off against South Korea or Japan, they could get lots efficient fiery opposite wind.

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    repel an attack, yes. counter attack definitely not. While Japan has a fairly advanced defense force the sheer number of troops available to the North Korean military would be difficult to overcome for the much smaller Japanese defense forces

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    yes, they do have the capability to repel the north korea's attacks.

    there is being a news in popularity that they have started making good relations and contacts with america , resulting a great problem for the koreans

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    North Korea is NOT going to attack Japan. Don't take everything you see in the media as "truth."

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    The Japanes defence forces are smll, but well equpped. They could defend themselves. Remember that there is a large American force in South Korea, as well as the South Koreans, who would be ablto offer support quickly.

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    Just because N Korea has missiles and atom bombs, doesn't make them a 'superior' power. Japan has the technology, weapons, manpower and a world famous 'fight unto death' will power, which can repel any N Korea attack.

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