What causes mutations?

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If a group of humans lived underground in a cave for an extended period of time (and producing offspring), would a situation like this cause mutations? Can you give me other ...show more
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A situation like this would not cause mutations, because the factors which cause mutations, are two:
- Certain chemical substances (such as caffeine, formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons).
- Radiation (such as X rays, Gamma rays, sun's UltraViolet light).

However, mutations don't always cause disease. As a matter of fact, most mutations happen automatically and are actually beneficial for evolution.

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Thanks, that's great
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  • bummer answered 5 years ago
    mutations occur by deletion, insertion, duplication, and inversion of genes..
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  • the riddler answered 5 years ago
    as what Ive read on the Wikipedia,mutations was caused by radiation.and one example of mutation is the resident evil but it is caused by a mutagen.that's all i know about mutations
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