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Whats the Targeted audience for Google?

Whats the Targeted audience for Google?

Whats googles weakness and strength?

Whats their genre?

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    googles target audience is anyone that can type.

    google has no weakness only large giant spiders that crawl everywhere and consume information,

    their genre is knowledge. at some point google will become so full of data it will explode leaving behind a single microproccessor and an old hard drive.

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    Someone trying to get answers for an essay??

    targeted audience are the people that need to search for something.

    Business types with the new G1 phone.

    Street view seems a bit of a downer in the UK because everyone seems to be crying about other people being able to see their front doors. (im from UK)

    a strength is the way they work: read this:

    Google have their own genre.

    The google Genre. They have their own ideas, their own style, their own way of doing things.

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