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reaction problem

我想問concentrated sulphuric acid 在什麼情況下會react and redow

dilute sulphuric acid

conc nitric acid

dilute nitric acid

它們會不會react with acidicfied potassium permanganate?

Acidified potassium permanganate 能react with sodium sulphite,why?

能不能react 或者redox 是根據什麼原則呢?

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    Redox reaction 係consist of Oxidation and Reduction

    involve change in oxidation number of atoms

    一個Oxidizing Agent 同 一個Reducing Agent 做反應

    Oxidizing Agent做Reduction (半個反應)

    Reducing Agent做Oxidation (半個反應)

    呢兩個加埋就叫 Redox reaction

    concentrated sulphuric acid

    dilute sulphuric acid

    conc nitric acid

    dilute nitric acid

    以上都係Oxidizing Agent


    以上4個acid係唔會同Acidified potassium permanganate有反應

    Acidified potassium permanganate都係Oxidizing Agent

    sulphite ion係Reducing Agent

    Acidified potassium permanganate係strong Oxidizing Agent

    sulphite ion做Oxidation

    Acidified potassium permanganate做Reduction

    sulphite ion 半方程式(Oxidation)為:

    SO2 + 2H2O ----- SO4^2- + 2e^- + 4H^+

    Acidified potassium permanganate 半方程式(Reduction)為:

    MnO4^- + 8H^+ + 5e^- ----- Mn^2+ + 4H2O


    5S03^2- + 2MnO4^- + 2H2O ----- 5SO4^2- + 2Mn^2+ +4H^+

    Source(s): 自己~~~~~~有咩唔明再問
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