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Hi i will be attending an interview pretty soon with the bureau of federal prisons on a correctional officer position. does any one know what this interview consists of? one more thing back in 2003 i acquired a DUI which falls as a class c misdemeanor in the state of Texas. i currently work for the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice. but will the dui affect me with the federal bureau of prisons? it never affected me to join the TDCJ....PLEASE HELP

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    The minor offense could be disregarded if you are really qualified.

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    4 years ago

    I hate the stupid questions that companies ask!!! Be elementary. i replaced into asked at a job interview: What do you sense this pastime can grant you? I suggested a pay verify I have been given the pastime, i think of for being elementary.

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    NOT related to Immigration

  • Anonymous
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    you demonstrate your skill at beating and berating prisoners. don't worry, they won't care what you've done.

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