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Why does the United States spend 48% of all military spending in the world?

This means that, of every dollar spent on the military, the U.S. spends almost half of them. As a percentage of our GDP, we also spend the highest level by a significant percentage (10% versus around 5% for other major powers) while we obviously face other significant economic crises as well as Demographic crises, with high levels of unemployment, homelessness, lack of health care, lack of sustainable food levels (even for children) etc.

So why exactly are we spending like WWIII is around the corner? Even if WWIII were around the corner, we're already the most high-tech country by far, what is the impetus for continued astronomical spending?


Also interesting, 44% of our tax money goes towards military spending or funding of wars

Update 2:

I'm fine with having the largest and most sophisticated military as well... so we can easily cut spending down to levels equal to other nations, as we've been outspending them for decades... surely they can't catch up

Update 3:

So, Abby Burden, I'm assuming you agree with me that we should reduce military spending, as that's the only logical conclusion to your statement (I bet you don't though)

Update 4:

catawhum, I'm not sure you know what GDP is... that would be "Gross Domestic Product" and America's GDP is FAR AND AWAY larger than any other country's in the world.

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    because we take on the noble burden of coming to arms for over 48% of the world... which in turn, allows them [these other nations] to have these socialized programs like the left is dying to create here (you can't have both, and the more we try to institute these things, the more strain it puts on our economy). they can slash their military budget & feel safe knowing we are by their side.

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    Because our GDP Is no where near as large as China's, and most nations lie about how much they actually are spending, (on things like missiles or nuclear weapons programs). The difference is the USA is not forcing religions on other nations or depriving people of individual freedoms, it also leads the world in spending on foreign aid and in every great disaster is always looked to for assistance. But we can no longer afford it.

    Source(s): "He who is against arms and armanents, is the aider and abettor, albeit unbeknownst to himself, of those who would enslave us all." - Ludwig Von Mises "Who would be a traitor knave, who can fill a coward's grave? Better dead than be a slave!" Or even more ancient "The Romans make a desert and call it peace, but we are the people who have never crouched in bondage."
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    remember, the white domicile became burnt down in the time of that factor too eh? humorous how all and sundry forgets that the U. S. truly of course has an somewhat large protection rigidity funds, because it might. yet no it isn't any extra effective than the the remainder of the worlds protection rigidity budgets blended, thats alittle extreme to assert. however, funds does no longer mean extra effective surprisingly while it comprises training like others seem to think of (different than for the protection rigidity in this assertion)

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    Simple, you need to continue to spend on the Military to continue to stay up on top...

    Also, the majority of Military tech, gets downgraded to Civilian use after a number of years. It also keeps the U.S wayyyyyy ahead in terms of technology innovations.

    The U.S created the internet...

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    Because Americans and their government are more scared about armed bad people who are thousands of miles away than the armed criminals who are running around their neighborhood.

    By the way the GDP is not as large as you think....2/3 of GDP is consumer spending.....production is more important than consumption

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    we need it and more...china is fast becoming the second most powerful navy. we are first but they are gaining and now they supposedly have a missile that can take out an aircraft carrier and russia is there getting stronger,also don't we sell a huge amount of weapons to other countries?

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    I'm pretty happy having the largest military - it's better to be the kid on the block the other kids don't want to screw with.

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    We aren't spending real money anymore. Just a bunch of worthless paper.

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    Military industry lobbyists with Republicans in their pocket. You can buy any Republican for enough money, and they do. And of course, they are also shareholders. That'll motivate some spending towards Halliburton.

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    but isn't it amazing that what gets people up in arms is the pittance spent to help a single mom afford food for her kids.

    oh well - at least the defense contractors are fat 'n happy.

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