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AEC Realty / Leasing Associate in Southwest Michigan?

I am considering a job working as a leasing associate for a higher-end ($695-$900/mo rent) apartment community for our area in Southwest Michigan.

I have been told by management that I am allowed to get a small housing discount for living on residence if I work there. However, since I'm already moving in under a promotion which is better than what I would get from the "employee discount", I kind of feel like I'm missing out on something. I kind of felt like since I'm not getting a discount, I should get a higher would you feel about this?

Secondly, what is a slightly above average rate of pay for leasing associates in my area, or even across the country under these circumstances? What would you feel is an appropriate amount of pay to ask for?

Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Leasing associate has never been a high-paying job. It is just a stepping-stone for young people who are working for the first time as an adult. Don't worry about the salary now. Yes, you should get a little higher pay since you are not taking the apartment rent discount; but don't even mention it.

    You will know in 2 months if this job is right for you or not. See if you can get a television set in your working area. Most days you might only have one walk-in tenant. That leaves you a lot of time for sitting around..

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