Is actors access safe?

Is actors access a legit website? Is it safe to put my personal information into it?

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    1 decade ago
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    Actors access is one of the ONLY few legit online sites. In LA especially, agents get their breakdowns through Actorsaccess and submit you electronically through it. Actorsaccess is best for Film/TV. (LACASTING, NY CASTING, SFCASTING, etc.) are best for commercials.

    Here are the ONLY few LEGIT online sites: (you can get the newspaper at bookstores)

    Free, but proceed with caution:



    Source(s): Working LA Actor, Acting Scambuster, and respected contributor to
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    Yes, totally safe. Do a search and you'll find it recommended by not only me, but quite a few other actors on these boards. It is a division of breakdown services (they are the ones who do all the breakdowns for the big TV shows and films). In fact, it's one of the FEW websites that truly come recommended. It's what the pros use for self submission on projects that our agents or managers may not (for a variety of reasons) submit us for. I also highly recommend getting the showfax subscription ($68 for the year) as it will get you unlimited electronic submissions on and give you access to just about all the 'sides' for ALL the auditions happening.

    If you are in the NY, LA or San Francisco area, then I would also recommend as well.

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