DO you think your team Can Honestly Win the Superbowl this coming Season?

Seriously.. Look at your Team and Judging Fairly, Can They win the Superbowl int he Coming season.. Look at their Needs, strengths, weaknesses, etc... And it does not matter about the draft not happening yet, because honestly, no Rookie is going to be reason their team gets to or does not get to the SB... so, Is your team a Contender to a Championship?

Im a Giant Fan.. So, yes, They are.


And Please dont say that "Anyone has a chance" thing, because we ALL know thats not true lol

Update 2:

I guess the Thumbs down really shows Hatred for Divisional Foes, because i dont really see the point to giving them when i asked everyone about their OWN team, why do you care what sumone thinks about their Own Team... silly.

Update 3:


Born to Believe, Both of your Teams need a new QB.. Delhomme and Gerard are not the answer

Update 4:

David T

Do you think The Lion have a Chance to win the Superbowl.. and please dont say yes simply to satisfy your argument... Because they dont.. and even if ONE team does not have a chance (and i think a few teams dont), then "Everyone has a chance" is inaccurate.

Update 5:

Davit T

We Disagree,,, I think youre Doing the Keep hope alive thing and Im trying to be actually Realistic... For you to sit there and say a team that has no QB, one WR, a Decent RB, a unproven HEad Coach, A Trainwreck of a Front Office, and Football inept Owner, and Is in Desperate need of Players at O-line, D-line, Secondary, Skill Positions, EVERYWHERE, has a Chance to win the Superbowl , No, it does not go to Satisfy MY argument, it goes to REALITY.. The Dolphins HAD talent, Ginn, Brown, Their Oline, Their Defense was always stout.. They Needed a New Coach with ballz, and Adding BIll Parcells as the guy making personel decisions Helped.... So unless i Missed a News report sumwhere, Detroit hasnt done ANY of that.. so please, PLEASE, PLEEEEAASSEEE tell me how The Lions, in your Reasoning have a chance, any chance, a Snowballs chance in hell to win the Superbowl... and Please back it up with more than "if you have the belief" im waiting.

Update 6:

Its not about Belief.. its about Players and Talent.. You think the Lions Didnt think they would win ONE game, last year? ONE GAME?! they did... but they did not have the talent to do so... If you have the will to do sumthing but dont have the talent to back up that will, as hard as you try, as much as you may want it, you will lose. In situations like my giants beating the PAtriots, upset, yes, but look at the Giants, They had talent Everywhere... The Boise state Team that Beat Oklahoma in that bowl, Underdogs, yes, Oklahoma better? yes... but Boise state had TALENT and a VERY good head coach.... Like i said, you canWANT anything you want, but in sports, if you dont have talent, and Detroit has 2 players on their roster that any other team would want, then you will lose.

Update 7:

And i am not Arguing because you dont agree with me, im arguing Because of the Absurdity of your Argument.. if Detroit had won 5 or even 4 games last year , i would agree with you. but they won 0 games, and the teamhas not changed a lick.. they may add a player or two from the draft, but they are filled with holes and it will not send them to the superbowl. and it is hard for me to reconcile sumone saying they have a chance simply to further their argument, it makes NO sense.

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    You're wrong about the "anyone has a chance" statement. Everyone DOES have a chance. Look at the Cardinals. Who would have ever thought they would play in the SB? Not me. Anyways, I'm a Broncos fan for 37 years and yes, I think they can make a run. Denver will play a NE style offense with the D playing both the 3-4 and the 4-3. Denver has new blood on the D now. Dawkins, Goodman, Davis, Hill. Denver has 2, #1 draft picks, a 2nd round and 3, 3rd round picks to finish off the defensive line. Denver has the offensive talent. Teams better not overlook the Broncos.

    Update: You're still incorrect. Everybody has a chance. Who would have thought the Dolphins would go from 1-15 to the playoffs the next year? I stand by my statement. I was raised in an environment where anything less then believing you're the best is giving up. From my martial arts training to my years in the military. If I was to think I couldn't win, despite the odds, then what's the point? It may be unlikely the Lions win the SB but it's never impossible. You just have to buy into an idea to make it come to pass. When my students went to martial arts tournaments, I told them that everyone of them had a chance to take 1st. Anything less would be an insult to their ability and my belief in them as a teacher. So having me say "no, the Lions can't make it." is more about satisfying your argument, not mine.

    We still agree to disagree. You think in terms of absolutes? There are improbabilities but not absolutes. Their chances are slim but not without a chance. I refuse to buy into your idea of absolutes. Because you say they have "no chance" doesn't make it so. It simply means we agree to disagree. Neither you nor I have a crystal ball, but my saying everyone has a chance makes more sense then your psychic vision of no chance. If the Dolphins were so talented, where did that 1-15 record come from? Ricky Williams and Chad helped turn that team around. Your idea of absolutes is defeatist and not something I would ever want in my dojo. I would want to be on a football team with hopes to turn it around and win and fans that think they can, rather than fans who gave up before the draft or season even started. Realistically, I don't think the Lions will make it to the SB, but I don't think they will be dead last this year either. I'm a Broncos fan so I'm not really concerned with Detroit. But until I see what they do in the draft and preseason I would never count them out. Besides, I really don't care what Detroit does, just my Broncos. What's absurd is people who give up before a down is even played. If you were on the Lions team and voiced that type of attitude, you'd be cut the 1st week. They want teammates who believe they can win and go to the SB. Whether they do or not is not the important thing, it's having a positive attitude and believing you can.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask this after the draft and I will tell you:

    During the Bears super bowl year, the Rookie Devon Hester (second Round pick) dam well did make a difference in the Bears season. And Matt Forte made a hell of an impact for the Bears last season (Second round pick).

    But if you really must have my Pre-Draft Assessment:

    1- The Bears Addressed their weak QB position, with a Pro-Bowl QB.

    2- The Bears brought in 3 Offensive Linemen Free Agents and have a healthy Chris Williams, so their O-Line should be better.

    3- Their Safety Situation scares me and is a dire need, because their pass defense was horrid.

    4- They have a need at Wide Receiver, but not as dire as many project because Matt Forte was 7'th in Rushing and 3'rd in Total yards in the NFL and Greg Olson and Desmond Clark are a superior TE tandem. Those 3 and Cutler will improve Hester's chances of being a MUCH better Wide Receiver this year. Still, Hester is not a number 1 WR and the Bears could definately use a number 1.

    5- I'd feel better if they had another Corner or two and another D Lineman.

    All of that taken into account, I think they can compete with anyone in the NFC. I don't think they can compete with the Steelers pre-draft and pre-draft I predict the Steelers to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. (However, I always like the Steelers every year to some degree. Lots of respect for their organization.) Pats also are another likely team to win it all with Brady back.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Indianapolis Colts definately do. This defense just needs to play alot better than they have last year, thats the thing thats lost us these playoff games over the past years we've lost. In 06-07 when the defense stepped up big in the playoffs we ended winning the Super Bowl. We have alot of young and emerging talent on defense and depening on their improvement we can get back to the Super Bowl. Theres no worries about the offense even w/o Marvin Harrison. When Peyton Manning is at QB you know the offense will function properly. We won the Super Bowl when we lost Edgerrin James maybe we can do the same without Marvin Harrison. I think Jim Caldwell will be a pretty good coach in this league as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well hi again, sorry if I was mean or anything, just thought that it wasn't right that you kinda bad mouth Steve Smith. He's a good player, and the whole 2 weeks suspension wasn't all his fault, if you read his story it really isn't.

    Well to the question:

    No, they might get to the Wildcard playoff games, but I really don't want them to win the Superbowl, not this year. I want them to win the Superbowl when they have a good team, so they keep it up for future years, not go like the Giants did this year (which was win the Superbowl then everyone almost forgets they won it cause they don't do super well). I want them to get a team that will always be a team.

    But I can still believe, I want them to become a real threat and learn from mistakes, but if they go to the Superbowl it fine with me. Good luck Jags! This is going to be a great season, even if they go 0-16, which they won't, I say 10-6, like the Dolphins. Make the playoffs, if they go further, fine, but if they don't I won't mind. Next year, like I've said a billion times, will be great...

    They need another WR, CB, linebacker and they'd be fine. They're O line is good now. Good luck to your team, and sorry if I was ever harsh. Even now? Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, looking at the Cards recent season, I would say there are honestly 15 teams that COULD win it, and I do think the Browns are one of them.

    To take it a step further, in 2007, the Browns and the Giants had the same regular season record, and the Giants won the super bowl, and the Browns missed the playoffs. My point is, there isn't a big gap between the middle and the top of the NFL.

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  • R52L
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    1 decade ago

    Heck yeah man the Ravens are going all the way. They got Ray back, and with some DB help in the draft, and Flacco is more experienced, Ravens unstoppable baby!

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  • 1 decade ago

    patriots. nuff said.

    seriously though. top 2 qb, top 2 wr group, above average running game, top 5 OL, top 3-4 dl, lb's will get younger and better via the draft. secondary will too. They signed shawn springs and leigh bodden, which pretty much gives them 3 good corners along with hobbs. they need a free safety, to pair with meriweather. i smell the 4th superbowl this decade.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It all comes down to #12...

    Yes, of course I'm referring to the Patriots...It depends on whether Tom Brady is REALLY back to normal...If he is, I think the Patriots will be the favorites once again to win it all...

    They're steadily getting a little younger on D, with guys like Jerod Mayo...and if they REALLY do ultimately bring in Julius Peppers, that would make the D DOMINANT...No pun intended...*L*

    If Brady is not healthy, well, the Patriots may be screwed...*L*...but I'm guessing they will have another QB on the team before next season, whether its through FA or the draft...

    I was really irritated when they traded Matt Cassel without seeing Tom Brady in a GAME first...but if Belichick is THAT confident, I haven't had much reason to doubt him...

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  • Well I think the Bears are definitely now a playoff contender with the additions of Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace, but their offense needs WRs and the defense lacks a very good safety, after the release of Mike Brown. If they can fill in those holes, why not?

    Source(s): GO BEARS!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My team: Pats

    They have some problems to address including the OLB position and the offensive line (protection issues). Also a huge problem last season were injuries. With Brady back and a boost at the RB and CB position, I think they have a pretty good shot at a championship. Defense wins championships, so the OLB/ S position is going to be critical this season.

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