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I have a gurlie question so... NO BOYZ!?

I'm 11 and just starting middle skool and i'm kinda scared about getting my period. I've had bad cramps 4 bout' a week and i told my friends and they said it'll go away and deal wit it. IT HURTZ! What if i'm with my male band teacher and i have my period then? what if he won't let me go to the nurse or the restroom becuz he is strict? will it hurt really bad like my friends say it will? and when i first start, should i use a pad or tampon? Thnxx for helping a young curious angel!:)


i'm still scared and i'm tearing up ! Seriously i am!

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    awww lol

    dontt stress out about it too much k

    i remember wen i got mine

    i was in 7th grade

    and i had a bad expierience with it

    however lets not talk about tht lol..

    if ur having really bad cramps i think u will get ur period soon

    so if ur really nervous just wear a really thin pad

    or the regualr panty liners (there like thin pads)

    go to the bathroom about every 30minutes

    just dont go during band, if u say ur teacher is too strict

    for me its hard cuz i usualy get it during gym nd then i have to ask my male teacher to go to the nurse to get a pad, its embarrasing lol

    im 14 now

    so yea nd ur period deffinetly doesnt hurt

    u dnt even feel like really

    do not use a tampon

    especialy on ur first period

    nd tampons are for using them a few days into your period

    so yea

    1.dont stress out so much about it

    2.wear panty liners from now on

    3.once you get it buy extra thick pads NOT TAMPONS not use a tampon on your first period

    5.go to the bathroom regularly

    and 6. its all okay, its part of growing up! =]

    well hope i helped


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    Every girl is nervous about getting their period for the first time; but remember, it happens to everyone. If you're cramping that bad, you can take some tylenol or ibeprofen for the pain. You can also take Midol which you can get at almost every store. Make sure you go to the bathroom before band to see if you have started. If you have, put a pad on. Or wear a pad just to make sure you don't bleed on yourself. At first, it's best to wear a pad to get used to the way you will feel. The cramps, and how heavy your flow is to determine what size tampon you will need. After a couple of periods you should be able to determine that and switch to tampons if you feel the need. Good luck!

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    Hey there! Always star out with pads.. Never do tampons first.. You could damage yourself not to mention you would be at high risk for toxic shock syndrome.. (You can read about it on the tampon box..)

    And if it would hurt or not, that depends on your body..

    My best advice though, take some ibuprofen in your purse, or a pain reliever just incase.. And your teacher, (strict or not) 'has' to let you go to the nurse or bathroom..

    And if he doesn't, approach him and tell him it's a privet matter and very serious, if he doesn't believe you.. WALK OUT OF THE CLASS and go to the nurse. (He is not the boss of you. Your in AMERICA, land of the free.) You are a free person, and if your reason for leaving is legit. It's well worth it to do. Don't worry about getting in trouble..

    Your parents or guardian will stick up for you.. (And if you want a faster resolve, talk to your principal about the issue at hand, they will do the right thing.)

    (Also, when starting your period, your allowed to stay out of gym class)

    Make sure you have chocolate, and a something warm for your stomach.. Those help the most when your at home.

    Take care, and welcome to woman-hood soon.. =)

    Source(s): All of us women went through this... =)
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    So if you have cramps try drinking more water , it helps a lot . And just tell your male band teacher that you have an emergency and you have to leave . If you think your going to get it , put in a pad before that class just in case. Speaking of pads ;when you start getting your period , use pads because tampons are hard to use , and if used wrong they hurt bad .

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    No teacher can say that you cant use the rest room that's ludicrous...2nd periods are different for everyone nobody has the exact same pains or periods... 3rd you can always take Midol for 5 days before your period this will help the cramps... and 4th always use pads in the beginning because sometimes tampons will clog the blood and make you have cramps and clots. Good-luck

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    It doesn't hurt at all! I've been having mine for over 3 years I'm a Sophomore in High school. Most don't get it until 7th-8th grade but all girls are different and I'm 100% sure that if you did start while in band he would let you go to the restroom if you told him the cricumstances. Don't worry you will be A okay!

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    Don't worry. I have a band teacher that is just like that. He is a guy and just tell him that it is an emergency! Or tell him that u forgot something for your instrument in your locker. Well I play the flute so I can't do it. Well I am afraid too so you're not the only one. I also have cramps too. Also, umm I just thought of this, u could say that u bent one of your fingers back and it is really painful. This kid in my class faked it and missed like the first half of 1st period so it might work! Good luck!

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    Talk to your doctor if the pain comes with every period. they can give stuff for that. You teacher will be fine with you going to the bathroom. Use a pad for sure!!! It shouldn't hurt too bad. dont worry

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    hmm, start wearing panty liners to school and bring pads with u in ur bag. .. Honestly it sounds like u will get ur period soon so be PREPARED :)

    cramps can hurt but they are managable by lyeing don with a hot water bottle and different stretches.

    i started with a pad then i bought tampons a few days later..

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