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Why don't more role players deny the ball like K.C. Jones?

If you don't know who K.C. Jones is then Google him. It's 1 thing if a player is counted on to do a lot offensively like Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade etc. but if they don't have to score a lot then they should be trying to deny their man from getting the ball.

SLAM: "As a defensive specialist, who was your toughest matchup?"

KC: "At the top of the list are Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. They mastered the art of being offensive-minded, and for me to be on the same level I had to master the art of being defensive-minded. If I wanted to be on their level, I had to be as creative defensively as they were offensively. The first step is mastering containment and denial. Denying the ball is most important, and it's an art that's in a poor state now. I see guys try to deny, but they're not really confident against great players. If you, as a defensive stopper, can't match the ego of a premier offensive player, then you're invisible". - K.C. Jones SLAM 81

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    Because they wish they were offensive stars. I like KC's understanding of his role.

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