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    a great website for MLA citations is www.easybib.com . Click the bar next to "Cite source" that says "Click here to select source" and chose "website" (the last one on the 4th column to the left). Enter the URL where it says "enter web address" and click "Autocite!". You may have to go back to your sources to get specifics. When you're done, click "Create citation" at the bottom and then, next to "Add another citation:" click "Click here to select source" and repeat for your second site. When you're finished, you can either copy and paste it into your document or click "MS Word" to get a Word version if you have windows. I hope this helps.

    Also, if I were you, I'd be careful using wikipedia. ANYONE can edit it, and I've seen some pretty strange edits, not to mention bored people next to me in the computer lab thinking it would be funny to put something totally ridiculous in one of the articles.

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    try citationmachine.net

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