Is marriage relevant today?

I'm at this crisis. It appears to me more and more that marriage is not really relevant today. So for example, if you truly love someone and completely trust someone, he's your confidant and your soul mate -- why to you need a marriage to ascertain this?

Perhaps marriage was relevant centuries ago, when a lot of good things came along with one -- safety, financial, sexual, etc. But if one can very much have all of these things anyways and do just fine alone...then why do we still marry?

I'm young, and so please explain, why do people still marry?

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    i`m 30, and felt exactly like your first paragraph ever since i was 19. a signed document, some hocus-pocus spoken by some magistrate who just wants to feel important, and a ring on the finger does nothing to change how i feel towards someone i love. i`d much rather have a healthy relationship and live in sin than a superficial marriage that will make me an alcoholic when i`m 40.

    you`re thoughts show that you want to live in accordance to your own beliefs and not ones that were bestowed upon you. frankly, you`ve proven that you are secure with who you are and how you feel towards other people.

    people wed because they aren`t as secure about their emotions towards their loved ones as you and i, and require a formal document to remind them of how they feel, or should i say, how they`re supposed to feel.

    on the superior morality of the east:

    in terms of middle eastern, eastern cultures having higher morals then we do. i don`t buy into it -- how do you justify a wife jumping into her husband`s funeral pyre in hinduism, or the polygamy of islam (where`s the intimacy?, and what`s this about mohammed wedding a prepubescent girl). i have problems when certain cultures who make their women wear a halloween ghost costume 24-7, yet they produce the global supply of heroin.

    please do not knock your own culture until you study their`s -- you`ll find that they can be just as hypocritical as ours. i have eastern friends who consider canada a refuge and they tell me stories ...

    on multiple names:

    my parents wed when i was 5, and my sister 15, both she and i have single names. scandinavian and slavic cultures use the patronym, so it gives the illusion of 2 surnames. others use both names for aristocratic reasons (ie kennedy-onassis).

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    Marriage is relevant from a social, emotional and legal standpoint. Do you NEED to get married? No, of course not. Your choice of a relationship arrangement is entirely up to you. But just because some people choose to be single, to date casually, or to be in relationships without marriage, doesn't invalidate or diminish the significance of marriage in any way. Socially, when you say you're "married" to someone it serves as a shorthand to signal a certain kind of relationship. Legally, marriage automatically confers certain rights and benefits that you would have to go out of your way to set up were you not married. Emotionally, there's a lot of symbolism involved in declaring your commitment to each other in front of your community. Just because there are different views and different lifestyles doesn't make any one lifestyle or view invalid. If you feel you're doing just fine alone - no one is forcing you to get married. You shouldn't be looking for a relationship to "make you happy", anyway - it works best if you enter a relationship while already being a "complete" individual. What I think you feel marriage should be is what it's not - a magic solution to whatever woes you might have. Marriage is not magic, it can't fix things that are broken, but it is not its intention at all.

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    Marriage is a rite of passage and a social contract, just as relevant today as it was then. It is about a particular social status (married versus unmarried). Yet we feel compelled to give other reasons to justify a particular marriage. For love, or for money, or politics. I'm no anthropologist, but I bet there are few, if any, cultures that do not have some form of marriage.

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    Yes it is relevant. There are some legal privileges that are only awarded to spouses. Pieces of paper can be very important - a car title, the deed to your house, etc. It's easy to say you don't need a "piece of paper" to prove you're committed, but people change. Ask a person who's invested 20 years in a relationship, helping their partner better themselves and make money, while sacrificing and put their dreams aside, only to be kicked to the curb later in life how important that piece of paper is.

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  • KitKat
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    A lot of good things STILL come along with marriage. Such as benefits if your spouse dies, if your spouse dies without a will, you get everything. If your spouse is injured in an accident, you can make medical decisions for him without any problems. There are tax breaks and other perks to being married. Love is a big part, but it's not all.

  • mark r
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    I married because it is a deeply personal, and spiritual commitment that goes beyond words. Much of what you say, I agree with. So that makes marriage a personal decision.

    To me, it's like put up or shut up. It is far easier to break up and not work things out without the bond of marriage, and I think that people don't marry because in their soul, they are looking for a way out of that commitment.

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    Marriage means a total commitment. It means that you will exhaust all options before walking away. If someone doesn't feel the need to commit to you then you should run fast because you will give your all and the other person will give almost nothing. You're selling yourself short.

    So in my eyes, yes marriage is very relevant.

    Source(s): Life experience.
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    1 decade ago

    Marriage as it is dictated today is not and never has been relevant. As it was practiced for 10,000 years of recorded history it is relevant but the church got its hands on it to make money and it has never been the same since.

  • Nina
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    Marriage is not just about being with someone to be safe, secure, finacaially stable, etc

    Its much more than that

    Marriage is a holly union between two, marriage is knowing that there is someone that you are committed too and everyone know that, marriage means that you are committed to someone and its hard to give him/her away, its about having a family under one roof

    I know, the society now, hvae kids without marriage stay together without marriage etc. BUT that doesnt take the importance of marriage, never!

    Marriage is important and will always be, it means that you love that person so much that you will spend your life called his wife or her husband, that is something you can get from just living together and acting liek married couple!

    Help me please??;_ylt=Ap2eX...

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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely it is- just not in Western societies. There is much secuirty to a marriage. N you'll notice in non-Western countries family ties and loyalty and morals are much, much higher. Well, you're still young. I thought your way at your age. When you get to late 20's you'll change.

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