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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

What is the difference between environmental engineering and environmental science?

When choosing a program to study in the U. Can you explain the differences please?

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    Environmental Science is a very board major and it really depends on what your concentration is in.

    First Environmental Science is different from Environmental Studies.

    ES is the combination of gelogy, chemistry, biology, and at some schools even physics. Depending on your interest. Basically one these majors mixed with some environmental courses

    Environmental Engineering has to do with the design of technologies to improve the environment. Its the application of science and engineering combined.

    An average sample of bothe degrees...different schools will vary in classes taken.

    **The major difference is an Environmental Science degree will include usually

    Calcalus 1 and 2

    Physics 1 and 2

    Chemisrty 1 and 2 and Organic Chemistry

    Then in your junior and senior year ...tons of environmental classes depending on your interest

    An Environmental Engineering degree

    Calculus 1 through Diff Equations

    Physics 1 and 2

    Chemistry 1 and 2

    Then tons of Engineering Science classes

    ex. Dymanics, Fluid and Soil Mechanics name a few

    Environmental Engineering is a more technical degree than Environmental Science. With that being said Engineers are paid more

    On the average Entry Level Environmental Scientist start at 40K

    Environmental Engineers start around 50K

    Last Point:

    Engineering has a professional certification

    Environmental Scientist dont

    Scientist and Engineers work together but only engineers get to stamp and sign the project because of this certification that I was speaking of.

    Go with engineering

  • 5 years ago

    the difference between the two is the same as a Physician and a Nurse A lil more technical degree I'm guessing a Environmental Technology degree is like an associate degree. You can get a BS in anything you want Usually engineering students that come from 2 year schools have Calculus one through Diff Equations Physics I and II Chemistry I and II Engineering Design class Statics Dynamics Mechanics of Material Science students Calculus I Physics I Chemistry I and II Organic Chemistry I and II and some intro environmental classes that you should have taken My point is to go with will be harder but it will pay off

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    environmental engineers make more money and have better job opps

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